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Reminiscent of the exuberant shades of the heart, the passionate tones of SuperJeweler's red gemstones, captivate the eyes and warm the soul. Fiery and vivid, our red gemstones awaken all senses with their spirited red tones, burning strongly from their core. Masterfully crafted with the finest gemstones from around the world, SuperJeweler's red gemstones are designed with ruby red gemstones or deep and intense garnet gemstones. Meaningful for a birthday gift, Valentine's Day gift, or just because, SuperJeweler's red gemstones carry with it intense passion and long lasting love.

With its energetic spirit, red gemstones are known to intensely stimulate its wearer's emotions, speeding up their metabolism, while raising their blood pressure. The color of energy, life and passion, red gemstones raise one's enthusiasm for life and love. Red gemstones, a color of power, are known as  action driven gemstones, carrying uplifting energies, which bring its wearing confidence and courage. Remarkably designed to last a lifetime, SuperJeweler's red gemstones are available as a bracelet, necklace, ring or earrings.

At SuperJeweler, our red gemstones range in color including garnet's captivating tones of orange-red and ox blood, as well as ruby's stimulating tones of light pink, dark pink, maroon and purple. The stunning red gemstones in our garnet jewelry collection represent the birthstone for January, making our garnet jewelry the perfect gift for a push present, or for a loved one born in this month. These deep red gemstones are rich in history. In fact, these red gemstones, which hold strong powers and protective energies, are known as the most ancient of all gemstones. The gift for 2nd wedding anniversaries, these red gemstones are exquisitely crafted with our finest gemstones from the United States, Turkey and Czech Republic. Because of its connection with both love and passion, these fiery red gemstones are a popular choice for those looking to show their loved one how deep their love is.

Our ruby red gemstones are a lighter shade of red than our garnet red gemstones and they hold a variety of characteristics and powers, which differ from our garnet gemstones. Considered a precious gemstone because of its rarity and value, these red gemstones represent love and commitment, while increasing vitality of the body, spirit and mind.  Striking in beauty, our ruby red gemstones symbolize the birthstone for July and they gift for 40th wedding anniversaries.

Stimulating the heart and captivating the soul, each piece in our red gemstones collection is stunningly crafted to last a lifetime. Designed to fit all price points, our red gemstones range in carat sizes and shapes, including oval, round, emerald, pear and cushion. Because each of our red gemstones are high quality pieces offered to you at low prices, you don't need to feel guilty when you decide to buy more than one of our red gemstones!