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Soft and feminine, SuperJeweler's extensive array of pink gemstones are alluring in all of their delicate grace and beauty. Exuding the color of universal love, pink gemstones sooth you with their calming hues of iridescent pink, rose and magenta. SuperJeweler's pink gemstones, available in pink topaz, morganite, pink pearls, rose quartz, pink sapphire and pink tourmaline radiate with feelings of love, acceptance, caring and self-worth. The perfect gift for a loved one for Valentine's Day, push presents, or just because, SuperJeweler's pink gemstones are delicately crafted with the finest pink gemstones from around the world.

Soft and gentle in color, pink gemstones are known to protect its wearer from violence and aggression, especially pink gemstones that are deeper in color. Used in prisons to diffuse aggressive behavior, pink gemstones carry feelings of acceptance, contentment and relaxation. With its combination of red and white hues mixed together to form different shades of pink, SuperJeweler's pink gemstones include options such as pink gemstone rings, pink gemstone earrings, pink gemstone bracelet options and pink gemstone necklace styles. Delicately crafted in sterling silver and 10K or 14K white gold, yellow gold or the very feminine rose gold, SuperJeweler's pink gemstones are designed for those looking to add a feminine touch to their ensemble, whether it be on a daily basis or for a special night out.

Stunning when paired with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or a cocktail dress, SuperJeweler's pink gemstones are each masterfully crafted to fit any and all styles and price points. Designed in a variety of carat sizes and shapes, our pink gemstones include morganite rings, pink topaz rings, pink sapphire rings, pink topaz rings, pink pearl necklace, pink topaz necklace and pink tourmaline necklace options, raspberry quarts earrings, pink sapphire earrings and pink topaz earrings, just to name a few!

For those looking for peace and calm in their lives, the softer shades of pink gemstones available at SuperJeweler.com offer its wearer powers of relaxation and contentment. Those looking to alleviate any ill feelings towards others, SuperJeweler's deeper shades of pink gemstones, such as our pink topaz jewelry collection offer its wearer powers of protection. With so many pink gemstones to choose from, each exquisitely crafted to last a lifetime, it's hard to pick just one. Luckily, SuperJeweler's pink gemstones are high quality jewelry pieces, masterfully crafted and offered to you at low prices so you can spoil yourself, or your loved one, with multiple pink gemstones.

Frequently Asked Question

  • What are pink gemstones?
  • Pink gemstones are precious gemstones, semi-precious gemstones and non-precious gemstones that exhibit pinkish hues. Most rocks that show pink color have iron present, as it expresses itself a bit pinkish as the molten rock solidifies. Pink gemstones include pink tourmaline, morganite, rose quartz, star ruby, rhodonite, rubellite, pink Opal, pink fluorite, kunzite, star garnet, and pink spinel. Another very popular pink gemstone is pink topaz, but it’s actually a white topaz that is coated with a pink film. Lastly, and don’t forget, Pink Diamonds are a very famous pink gemstone.


  • What are pink gemstones called?
  • Pink gemstones are called different gems depending upon their mineral makeup. For instance, pink topaz is a white topaz that has been coated by a semi-permanent pink coating and if fiery and fully transparent. Morganite exhibits pink and orangey-pink and is Beryllium aluminium silicate, and has reflection and excellent transparence. Rose quartz is a pretty medium pink, and is a translucent quartz. Pink tourmaline is a pink gemstone that is from very light pink color and not fully transparent, all the way to very fine pink tourmaline that is a finely saturared dark pink color and is fully transparent. There are many pink gemstones and they are called different names in various countries.


  • How to identify pink gemstones?
  • Regular pink color is Pantone color Pink-C, and it is one of the most beautiful colos. Many different gemstones come in pink and it’s easily possible to identify pink gemstones by their beautiful pink color. Morganite, tourmaline, pink topaz, kunzite, rose quartz and many other pink gemstones are available on the market today. SuperJeweler has a wide variety of pink gemstones that our professional gemologists identify as pink gemstones.


  • Are there any pink gemstones?
  • Yes there are a lot of pink gemstones. The list of pink gemstones is, listed in cheapest to most expensive, rose quartz, pink topaz, star ruby, star garnet, pink fluorite, morganite and pink tourmaline. SuperJeweler.com stock a huge range of pink gemstone rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.


  • What gemstones are pink?
  • There are so many pink gemstones it’s hard to list them all. An abbreviated list is pink diamond, pink tourmaline, pink topaz, pink opal, pink spinel, rubellite, and more.


  • How can you tell if a pink gemstone is real?
  • Technology makes is so easy to determine if pink gemstones, or any gemstones are real. Simply google “gemstone tester” and you will find a gemstone tester that works perfectly, for less than $20. You will be able to identify pink tourmaline, pink topaz, pink spinel, morganite, rose quartz and more.