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Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Earrings Are The #1 Gift. Bigger Better Diamond Earrings For Much Less

Frequently Asked Question

  • How to buy diamond stud earrings?
  • There are as many types of diamond stud earrings as there are peoples ear lobes, and much of how you buy diamond stud earrings related to your personal taste. The first task is setting your budget. Diamond stud earrings at $250 are quite different than diamond earrings at $25,000, but there are so many choices at both price levels and everything in between. Then, decide on round diamond earrings, or princess cut diamond stud earrings, or white gold diamond stud earrings. Decide exactly what you are looking for. Lastly decide whether to shop online or in a store. Stores have limited selections, but personal service. If you shop online, at a site like SuperJeweler.com, you will find much lower prices and enormous selection.


  • Where to buy diamond stud earrings?
  • Buying diamond stud earrings online has become the most popular way to buy diamond earrings. The benefits of buying online include shopping a huge selection that no retail store can match, and paying lower prices as a result of not having physical stores. SuperJeweler is one of the top websites for amazing discounts on diamond stud earrings and other earrings of all types. This includes round diamond earrings, round stud earrings, 1 carat diamond earrings, 2 carat diamond earrings and more. You can get fabulous diamond stud earrings online without leaving your home.


  • How to clean diamond stud earrings?
  • Cleaning diamond stud earrings is really quite easy. You will need a drinking glass, toothbrush, warm water and some dish liquid. Make a solution of dish liquid and warm water. Swish it around and then drop in your diamond stud earrings. Wait ½ hour, then pull out the diamond earrings brush off all dirt and grim with your toothbrush, and then drop the diamond stud earrings back into the solution. After a few moments, rinse the earrings off, let them dry and you are done.


  • How much are diamond stud earrings?
  • That is a really tough question, because diamond stud earrings come in gold, platinum, silver, palladium and other metals, and the diamonds can be tiny from .05 carats each, all the way up to 3 to 4 carats each. If you are shopping online, you can find nice ½ carat diamond earrings in the range of $250-$350, 1 carat diamond studs from $750 to $3000, 2 carat diamond stud earrings from $3000 up to $20,000 and more. Just decided on your budget, search and you will find just the right thing. SuperJeweler.com has the lowest prices anywhere on diamond stud earrings.


  • What is a good size for diamond stud earrings?
  • The ring size of diamond earrings really depends upon the person wearing them. A young girl certainly would not wear giant diamonds like a New York glamorpuss! The most popular diamond stud earrings run from ½ carat to 2 carats total weight. You can certainly get a nice pair of 1 carat diamond stud earring for about $1000 online at SuperJeweler.com