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SuperJeweler is the Best Place To Buy Tanzanite Jewelry

Tanzanite is an exotic stone that has quickly become one of the most sought-after gemstones despite only being discovered in 1967. Our tanzanite jewelry collection is one of the largest in the world, offering everything from tanzanite earrings to bracelets for anyone who has fallen in love with its intense, blue-purple color and incredible fire.

Tanzanite’s Brief History and Meteoric Rise in Popularity

Tanzanite was discovered in – you guessed it – Tanzania by a member of the Masai tribe not far from Mt. Kilimanjaro. Several individuals quickly bought up property in the area in order to commence mining operations, knowing the newly discovered gemstone would quickly become a favorite for jewelry. The stone was named and promoted by Tiffany and was soon the talk of jewelers around the world. Before the discovery of tanzanite, there was no gemstone that had this particular, intense blue-violet hue. Today it is one of the most popular of gemstones while also being relatively affordable despite its rarity.

What is Tanzanite?

Tanzanite is a deep blue to violet, crystalline stone in the zoisite family. Most of the stones are naturally brownish, yellow or gray shading towards lavender, but when subjected to heat the bold hues of blue and purple appear and remain stable. One of the most interesting aspects of tanzanite jewelry is that, depending on the cut and crystal structure, the stone might appear blue from one angle and more violet from another.

Although every shade of tanzanite is popular, the rarest and most desirable are those that are a rich, intense blue, with blue-violet and purple also being very valuable. The tanzanite price per carat depends on several things, including depth of color, clarity and the size of the stone, but compared to other gemstones it is quite affordable.

Tanzanite Meaning

Because it has only been around for a little over 50 years, its meanings have been assigned based partly on the meaning of its color and partly on the harmonic structure of the crystal. Tanzanite healing properties are said to include the ability to strengthen immune function, enhance regeneration of cells and cleanse the blood of toxins. Emotionally, tanzanite benefits include inspiring compassion and freeing the user from anxiety. 

SuperJeweler Carries Only High Quality Tanzanite Jewelry

Our buyers are always focused on bringing customers the finest quality tanzanite available. Each stone is carefully evaluated by our jewelers to determine whether it is best suited to be a tanzanite ring in white gold, tanzanite gold earrings or a beautiful diamond and tanzanite bracelet. The unique characteristics of each stone is crucial to what kind of jewelry it will be used in to ensure the most beautiful display of the color in the tanzanite. December birthstone lists have added tanzanite to the list of beautiful, blue gemstones that represent December birthdays and we guarantee every purchase will be a gift to remember.

Care of Your Tanzanite Jewelry

Tanzanite is not as hard as diamonds, rubies or sapphires. Because they are a bit softer, they are more prone to scratching and can crack if hit from the wrong angle or exposed to harsh chemicals. For this reason, you should not wear a tanzanite ring or tanzanite necklace every day. Reserve them for special occasions and store them in a box or soft cloth pouch separate from your other jewelry to prevent scratching. Never clean tanzanite ultrasonically, as this can damage the stone.