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Stunningly crafted in sterling silver, 14K white gold, yellow gold or the ever-so-trendy rose gold, SuperJeweler's ruby ring collection has a remarkable allure that one cannot resist. Also known as July's birthstone, rubies date back to ancient times when they were considered the ideal wedding stone. Today, although diamonds are the most popular wedding stone of choice, rubies are a close second due to the durability of a ruby ring,  its rarity and its meaning of never-ending love and commitment. Representing the July birthstone, a ruby ring makes the perfect push present or Valentine's Day gift with its pink and reds hues, resembling the colors of the heart.

Stimulating the flow of life and the powers of love, SuperJeweler's intensely beautiful ruby ring collection encourages a positive state of mind, perfect for symbolizing the beginning  of your life with your loved one. The word ruby derives from the Latin word "Rubens," meaning red. Ruby engagement rings are quite popular with A-list celebrities in lieu of traditional engagement rings. Stars like Victoria Beckham and fashion mogul, Jessica Simpson and her sister, Ashlee Simpson are known to flaunt their ruby engagement rings, all of which are surrounded by diamonds. Either designed with an oval, round or heart-shaped ruby, some of which are surrounded by a halo of diamonds, each piece in our ruby ring collection offers both style and grace.

Because July birthstone ring styles are so durable, they are the perfect option for someone looking for a ruby ring that is sturdy enough for every day wear. At SuperJeweler, each and every piece in our ruby ring collection is masterfully crafted with love because our number one priority is to ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

Ruby Blog by Dr. Claudia Copeland