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Let’s Find The Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

For years, diamond engagement rings have become a sign of commitment and devotion. They are a symbol of love and unity — a strong bond between two people. However, with so many diamond engagement rings to choose from, confusion is common, but in that confusion, you don’t want to end up making the wrong choice.

Not to worry, you won’t! We can help you find the perfect diamond engagement ring for your soon-to-be wife.

The Difference between Traditional and Non-traditional Diamond Engagement Rings

Let’s start with traditional solitaire diamond ring and move on to telling you about non-traditional diamond engagement rings.

Traditional Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

Buying a diamond engagement ring does not mean you go with the biggest diamond in the store. We wish it was that easy, but it is more of a complex process. To choose the perfect diamond engagement ring, you need to know what diamond shape your intended wants.

Diamond Shapes and Meaning

  1. Round – Deemed a classic, a round diamond solitaire remains the most popular choice among couples. It represents endless love. If you the woman in your life is romantic, trustworthy, and family-oriented, go with a round diamond engagement ring.
  2. Oval – This shape indicates creativity and individuality. This is perfect for your soon-to-be-wife if she stays true to her roots and is a risk-taker. If your loved one has shorter fingers, an oval diamond ring will give the illusion of long, slender fingers.
  3. Pear – Another name for this is a tear drop shape. If your woman is ambitious and has a unique sense of style, propose to her with a pear-shaped diamond ring.
  4. Emerald – Emerald cut diamond rings have a sophisticated and timeless appeal to them. This shape is rare and is great for women who want to adorn their fingers with something no one else has.
  5. Heart – If your loved one has an emotional and expressive nature; the heart shaped diamond ring is ideal for her.  Heart diamond rings are a fantastic expression of love.
  6. Princess – If she is a princess in your eyes, treat her like one by giving her a princess shaped diamond ring.  The princess diamond ring features a square, yet brilliant diamond.
  7. Marquise – For women who live their life on the edge, a marquise shaped diamond ring will suit their style. This shape can also make your fingers appear lean and slender.

Non-traditional Diamond Engagement Rings

Even though diamond solitaire rings are classic engagement rings and you can never go wrong with choosing this one for your soon-to-be-wife, you might want to go a different route and get her a non-traditional ring. If the love of your life has unique preferences, a classic solitaire ring will not reflect her style. Non-traditional rings include Vintage diamond rings, three diamond rings, diamond bridal sets and anything else you can imagine.

What do you say? — Play it safe with a classic solitaire ring or opt for a completely unique ring?

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