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With its provocative and bold hues of passionate pink and fiery red, SuperJeweler's ruby necklace collection awakens the mind, body and soul. With its inner glow shining like a torch, rubies hold powers of protection from anger, evil thoughts and disputes and instead bring on feelings of love and passion. Because of the loving characteristics exuding from ruby jewelry, a ruby necklace is often gifted for Mother's Day, push presents and the gift for 40th wedding anniversary, this stone also represents the July birthstone.

Decadent and feminine, SuperJeweler's July birthstone necklace collection is finely crafted in sterling silver, 14K yellow gold, white gold or the fashion-forward rose gold.  With an extensive array of desirable options, our ruby necklace collection is designed with many different ruby shapes, some of which are surrounded by a halo of diamonds, including oval, heart, round and emerald-cut. To complete your look, pair your ruby necklace with one of our exhilarating ruby earrings options or exuberant ruby bracelet styles.

An extremely durable and sturdy stone, rubies are known to increase the chances of conception while helping restore passion in one's relationship. Additionally, ruby jewelry deepens connection in relationships and encourages commitment. Because of its characteristics, rubies were once regarded as the most valuable gemstone, making it a prized possession for those of considerable wealth. Said to bring couples and families closer together, SuperJeweler's ruby necklace collection is delicately crafted with love and commitment in mind. Cleaning your July birthstone necklace is an easy task done by placing the necklace under warm water and softly cleansing the gemstone with soap. 

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