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With a stunning array of styles to choose from, SuperJeweler's collection of fiery red garnet earrings will warm your heart and soul. Masterfully crafted with our finest gemstones from the United States, Turkey and Czech Republic, our garnet earrings are designed for those seeking love, passion and positivity. Ranging in color from orange-red to ox blood, garnet, the focal point of our January birthstone jewelry collection captivates you with its bold and prominent tones of red.

Considered the most ancient of all gemstones, garnet holds with it thousands of years worth of history. Once considered a protector to those that wore the stone, garnets were desired by those of royalty.  Said to protect its wearer with its positive energy, pushing any bad energy away, garnet was once used in battle as bullets instead of lead bullets. Today, garnet jewelry is the gift for 2nd wedding anniversary and the January birthstone, making garnet earrings from SuperJeweler a gift full of love.

Finely crafted in sterling silver and 10K or 14K white gold, yellow gold or rose gold, SuperJeweler's garnet earrings are exquisitely designed in an array of carat sizes and shapes, crafted to fit all price points. Designed to fit your  personal style and budget, SuperJeweler's January birthstone earrings pair beautifully with a garnet ring, garnet bracelet or garnet necklace. Whether you are looking for a pair of garnet earrings to wear on a daily basis or for a special night out, SuperJeweler's collection of garnet earrings are lovingly designed to last a lifetime.