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The Stylish and Practical Bolo Bracelet

Bolo bracelets are lovely fashion accessories. Every time you move your hand or arm, your bracelet flashes, capturing the light and drawing attention to your hands and movement. What makes a bolo bracelet unique is the perfect fit it gives you every time, no matter how large or small your wrist. Most bracelets come in specific lengths, but a bolo bracelet is adjustable to fit almost any wrist, large or small.

  • What Makes a Bolo Bracelet Unique?
  • Bolo bracelets are adjustable, while most other bracelet styles, including bangles and chain-link bracelets, come in specific lengths. A bolo can be adjusted by moving the slider up or down along two lengths of metal to loosen or tighten the bracelet. Each bracelet features a single slider clasping the two ends of the bracelet. This unusual design is suited to a diamond bolo bracelet, Moissanite bolo bracelet, white gold bolo bracelet, and much more.
  • Stretch bracelets are another form of adjustable jewelry, but you'll seldom find fine jewelry stretch bracelets. The stretchy elastic that holds the precious metals and gemstones in place and on your wrist isn't strong enough and tends to stretch out of shape after only a few wearings. However, a bolo bracelet features two slender, flexible ends made of the same precious metal as the rest of the bracelet. The slider locks the bracelet ends in place once you've decided how tight or loose you want to wear the bracelet. A stretch bracelet may fit over the hand to get on easily, but it isn't adjustable to fit the wrist once it's in place. On the other hand, the bolo will slip easily over your wrist and then adjusted to the snugness or looseness you prefer.


  • Why Is It Called a Bolo Bracelet?
  • The fastener on these bracelets is named after the clasp used on bolo ties, which feature a slide that holds together two ends of a thin, string-style, or leather length to form a Western-style alternative to a necktie.
  • Because the two ends are slender and have to allow the slider to move up and down to adjust the fit, many bolo bracelets have a focal point on the opposite side, whether it is a central medallion or larger stones or beads tapering to either end. Diamond bolo bracelets are also extremely popular and resemble a tennis bracelet with an adjustable bolo fastener in place of a standard clasp. Because the bolo is adjustable, the diamonds will not quite meet at the back of the bracelet.


  • Why People Love Bolo Bracelets
  • Bolo bracelets are notable for several reasons, both practical and esthetically. The adjustable fit means you can wear a bolo bracelet without ever having to worry about the size. If you have tiny wrists, simply tighten the slide. If you have large hands, loosen the slide to fit over your hand, then adjust to fit after it’s in place.
  • Diamond bolo bracelets are beautiful gifts for the lady in your life. You don't have to figure out what size wrist she has since bolos can be adjusted to fit almost any wrist. You've probably heard someone say, "I love this bracelet, but I hardly ever wear it. It's a little too big for my wrist.” Not a problem with a bolo bracelet. Whoever wears it can adjust the fit precisely. This also makes them ideal for stacking because you can tighten each bracelet differently, ensuring each will stay in its proper place on our wrist or arm without them banging into each other. You can mix and match diamond bolo bracelets with yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold bolo bracelets to an on-trend style that’s sure to garner attention.


  • Is a Bolo Bracelet Comfortable?
  • Bolo bracelets are extremely comfortable. First, they are flexible. Most bolo bracelets feature a box link chain that is smooth and easy to bend. You don't have to worry about the unforgiving feeling of a bangle digging into your arm. Their adjustability also contributes to their comfort since you can move the slider up and down. This gives you the option to wear your bracelet snug against your skin or looser and free-floating on your arm. If you work at a computer, you can adjust your bracelet to make sure it doesn't hit your keyboard. You can also change a bolo bracelet for the length of your sleeve, wearing it looser for free-flowing sleeves and short sleeves, or a more restrictive fit if you want it close to the hand so that it shows when wearing long sleeves.


  • Is a Bolo Bracelet Affordable?
  • As with any jewelry, the price of bolo bracelets varies. Fine jewelry stores offer them in precious metals such as sterling silver, gold, and platinum, with gold being the most popular. A simple gold bolo bracelet or smaller diamond bolo bracelet can be as inexpensive as a few hundred dollars or run as high as $3,000 for a diamond bolo with larger carat gemstones.
  • If you love the look of a substantial diamond bracelet but want to stick within a budget, look for moissanite bolo bracelets. These give you the sparkle of diamonds in a precious stone that's more affordable. Moissanites are gemstones in their own right and have even more refracted color and fire than top-quality diamonds for less than half the price. If you’re shopping for a moissanite bolo bracelet, you can find them set in gold or sterling silver.


  • How Do You Wear a Bolo Bracelet?
  • A bolo bracelet is one of the most versatile jewelry pieces available. You can accent an elegant evening outfit with a single, stunning diamond bolo bracelet or stack different widths of bolo bracelets in whimsical styles to add some panache to a casual sweater or tee. When stacking the bracelets, you can adjust the fit so that the bracelets won't slide over each other. This way, you'll get maximum impact with comfort.
  • Because bolo bracelets use a slide mechanism to adjust the size, be sure to invest in a quality bracelet. If you choose a plated chain rather than solid gold, silver, or platinum, the plate or coating may wear off over time as you move the slide back and forth over sections of the chain. To prevent this, shop for bolo bracelets at dependable retailers such as SuperJeweler, where you’ll find solid gold, sterling silver, and platinum bracelets backed by a strong warranty.