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The Feminine Appeal of Morganite Jewelry

While diamonds have been called “a girl’s best friend” for years, there has recently been increased interest in morganite, a gemstone that comes in a wide range of pink hues from deep rose to a delicate peach shade. A morganite ring is becoming increasingly popular for engagement rings because many women love the unusual and romantic color and its high degree of brilliance, which gives it impressive sparkle.

Morganite Background

Morganite was discovered relatively recently and is a beryl stone, the same material emeralds and aquamarines come from. When a Tiffany gemologist in 1910 discovered a particularly lovely trove of the pink stone in Madagascar, he named it after J.P. Morgan, the millionaire financier and gemstone fanatic.

In 1989, a fifty pound morganite stone was found in Maine. While it looked rather orange underground in its rough form, in the sunlight it was a beautiful rose color and was dubbed the Rose of Maine. It was later cut and divided into smaller stones. Today, morganite earrings and other jewelry set with Rose of Maine stones are difficult to find and highly sought after.

Which Color is Right for You?

Not sure whether pink is the right color for your next jewelry purchase? You’re in luck – you can find morganite rings and other pieces in shades ranging from palest pink to rose, peach and even a deep salmon color. You’re sure to find the perfect shade in our Morganite Jewelry collection. This stone is the epitome of romance because of its delicate, pastel coloring and the beautiful way the faceted gem captures the light.

Morganite Engagement Rings

Engagement rings with morganite center stones have become popular in recent years as an alternative to more expensive pink diamonds. The actress Blake Lively’s 12 CT pink diamond engagement ring  is out of reach for most couples, but the same size stone in pink morganitecosts a fraction of the price. Morganite Rings are also durable, being nearly as hard as most other gemstones, including diamonds. They are easy to care for and clean, so they can be worn every day. When the stone gets dirty, simply wash with mild, soapy water and gently scrub, then wipe dry with a soft cloth. For maximum sparkle, be sure to rinse all soap residue away.

A Variety of Morganite Styles

You can find morganite jewelry in any kind of setting imaginable, including 10k and 14k white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Rose gold morganiteearrings are very popular because the metal is the perfect color to enhance the delicate color of the stone itself. If you’re looking for a more traditional style, consider white gold or yellow gold morganite rings.

The lovely pastel shades of morganite lend themselves to a variety of jewelry styles. Set in sleek white gold or sterling silver, it can look contemporary and bold as a stand-alone stone. If you’re drawn to Art Deco or Victorian styles, consider Morganite Earringsor a Morganite Necklacein more elaborate settings featuring side stones and intricate mountings.

The unusual colors and radiance of morganite guarantee your morganite jewelry will garner attention wherever you wear it. Whether standing alone or accented with diamonds, morganite jewelry is sure to stand the test of time.