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Ruby Earrings

For centuries, rubies have been considered the gem of those of wealth and power due to its rarity and the striking beauty of its intense red hues. The mystical powers of ruby were said to protect one's self and one's family when worn on the left side of the body, the side of the heart. Keeping the important of love and family in mind, SuperJeweler's ruby earrings collection is finely crafted to last a lifetime. Ruby, the focal point of our July birthstone earrings collection, represents the gift for 40th wedding anniversaries and serves as a meaningful Mother's Day gift, Christmas gift or push present, due to its connection with love and protection.

Often used as a stone for mediation, our ruby earrings collection is crafted to bring peace and light into your life. Designed in sterling silver, 14K yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, SuperJeweler's ruby earrings collection radiates the color of fire and blood, known to remedy inflammation and increase the body's warmth. Lovely when paired with a ruby necklace or ruby bracelet from SuperJewler's July birthstone jewelry collection, our ruby earrings collection is crafted with either round, oval, heart-shaped or emerald cut rubies, some of which are designed with a halo of diamonds around them. There are many styles to choose from when shopping for a pair of ruby earrings, including ruby stud earrings, ruby journey diamond earrings or a ruby  earrings and necklace set.

The sparkle and brilliance of SuperJeweler's July birthstone earrings collection catches your eye and stimulates your heart. In fact, rubies have been stimulating the hearts of those of wealth and fortune for centuries and were once considered the most valuable gemstone on Earth. At SuperJeweler, each piece in our ruby earrings collection is masterfully crafted to take your breath away and designed to last a lifetime.

Ruby Blog by Dr. Claudia Copeland