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Reminiscent of the heart, with its warm and comforting hues of red, SuperJeweler's garnet bracelet collection is finely crafted with our finest gemstones from the United States, Turkey and the Czech Republic. Garnet, the focal point of SuperJeweler's January birthstone bracelet collection symbolizes passion and love, making a garnet bracelet the perfect gift for your loved one as a birthday gift, Valentine's Day gift or push present.

Garnet, the gift for 2nd wedding anniversaries, dates back to ancient times when it was used by kings and royalty for its protective powers. Known as a "Warrior's Stone," garnet was once used in place of lead bullets during battle. Today, January birthstone jewelry brings its wearers love, success and positivity while encouraging abundance and prosperity.  Masterfully crafted to last a lifetime, our garnet bracelet collection is delicately designed in sterling silver with accents of diamonds.

Stunning when paired with a garnet necklace, garnet earrings or one of our garnet ring styles, SuperJeweler's garnet bracelet collection is stylishly designed to wear day or night. Alluring with its vibrant red tones, SuperJeweler's garnet bracelet collection adds a fiery touch of color to any wardrobe.