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Rich in history, the first known garnet necklace was found in 3000 BC. Receiving its name from the Latin word "Garanatus," meaning "seed like," SuperJeweler's January birthstone necklace collection is reminiscent of its name with its shades of red, similar to the bright red seeds of a pomegranate. Highly popular in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries because of its connection to pomegranates, garnet necklace styles were said to bring love and protection to its wearer.

Today, a garnet necklace is the gift for 2nd wedding anniversaries as well as push presents for those that give birth in the month of January. With its symbolization of love and positive energy, SuperJeweler's  garnet necklace collection makes a very meaningful gift for a loved one that is in need of protection and positive thoughts. Known to balance energy and inspire love, each piece in SuperJeweler's garnet necklace collection is vibrant in color and rich in history. Splendidly crafted with our finest gemstones from the United States, Czech Republic and turkey, our January birthstone necklaces are available in a magnificent array of styles which vary in carat size, shape and price.

Designed to fit all price points, SuperJeweler's garnet necklace collection ranges in shades of red including orange-red to a deep and intense ox blood red. Delicately crafted in sterling silver and 10K or 14K white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, SuperJeweler's January birthstone collection calms you with its peaceful energy while exciting you with its fiery red hues. Stunning when paired with a garnet ring, garnet bracelet or garnet earrings, each unique piece in SuperJeweler's garnet necklace collection is designed to last a lifetime.