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Sapphire Jewelry, Buy Sapphire Jewelery From SuperJeweler

Sapphire jewelry has long been prized for its lovely shades of blue ranging from cobalt to midnight blue and every velvety shade in between. SuperJeweler’s sapphire jewelry collection includes captivating sapphire rings, earrings, bracelets and sapphire necklaces set in 14K gold, including traditional white gold, always popular yellow gold and the recently popular rose gold. We source our sapphires from India, Australia, the United States, Thailand and Sri Lanka, where some of the finest of these dark blue gemstones are found.

One of the Four Precious Gems

Sapphires are one of only four precious gemstones (the others are diamond, ruby and emerald), and is extremely popular due to its versatility, strength and brilliant shine. It is the rarest of the gemstones and the price for a particularly clear and vivid blue sapphire can be extremely high. Our Sapphire Jewelry Collection features gems in a wide range of prices and shades of blue for every taste. We mount each piece of sapphire jewelry in 14K gold for durability and beauty, with settings available in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.

Natural and Created Sapphires

Sapphire jewelry is extremely popular, with an ever-increasing demand for this lovely blue stone. Because it is rare and expensive, SuperJeweler offers both natural and created sapphires. Created sapphires are considered real gems and are optically and physically identical to natural stones but are typically less expensive because they have not been created over millions of years and do not have to be mined using expensive methods. The advantage of created sapphires is their flawlessness and exceptional clarity. Natural sapphires of the same quality would be exponentially more expensive. We proudly offer both natural and created sapphire jewelry at SuperJeweler.

Famous Sapphire Jewelry

The sapphire has been prized by rulers and the wealthy for centuries, with kings, queens and world leaders setting them in  their crowns and jewelry as symbols of their wealth and power. Examples of famous sapphire jewelry include Queen Elizabeth II’s sapphire necklace and earrings set that she wore for the Jubilee Celebration of her 65 years as ruler of the United Kingdom. Countess Mona Von Bismarck had a gorgeous Sri Lankan sapphire set in a diamond necklace by Cartier, which she donated to the Smithsonian Institute in 1967. The Blue Giant of the Orient is a 466 carat, faceted stone mined in the 1900’s in Sri Lanka. It disappeared from the public eye for years, reappeared in 2004 to be sold by Christie’s to an anonymous buyer who once again hid it from public view.

September Birthstone and Ancient Folklore

The sapphire is the September birthstone and one of the most popular birthstone gemstones in the world. At SuperJeweler, we have an impressive selection of sapphire bracelets, necklaces and sapphire pendants that will be cherished by anyone born in September because this stone is traditionally believed to impart wisdom and fortune on the wearer. Greeks and Buddhists both believed sapphire jewelry could grant spiritual enlightenment and devotion on those wearing it. It was also believed to protect the wearer from harm and foster power and wealth. Many women prefer a sapphire ring for an engagement ring over the more traditional diamond, including the former Princess Diana.