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Sapphire Earrings

Treasured for thousands of years, sapphires have been worn by those of wealth and royalty for decades to bring good fortune and wisdom to their lives. Designed with royalty in mind, SuperJeweler's sapphire earrings captivate the eyes with their stimulating and tantalizing shades of blue. Sapphires, the focal point of our September birthstone collection, represent love and commitment, making our sapphire earrings a perfect gift for your loved one, whether it be a push present or anniversary present. Symbolizing the gift for the 45th wedding anniversary, sapphire earrings will show your loved one just how much you adore them.

Those born in September are known to be perfectionists, but are also known to have a hard time communicating with others, although they are full of wisdom. Coincidently, sapphire gemstones are known as the "Stone of Wisdom," making sapphire earrings a very meaningful gift for those born in September. At SuperJeweler, our September birthstone earrings collection consists of an astonishing array of breathtaking styles ranging from sapphire teardrop earrings, sapphire studs, pink sapphire earrings and sapphire earrings adorned with diamonds. Whether you are looking to wear your September birthstone earrings during the day at work or at night out on the town, our sapphire earrings are available in all shapes, sizes and price points, designed to fit all budgets.

Stunning when paired with our sapphire necklace pieces or our sapphire rings, SuperJeweler's sapphire earrings are finely crafted in sterling silver, 14K rose gold, white gold or yellow gold, all of which compliment the velvety blue hues that exude out of all of our sapphire rings. Because sapphire is such a durable stone, you can wear your September birthstone earrings on your most active of days without any worries. Designed to add an extra touch of beauty to your daily life, SuperJeweler's sapphire earrings will make you feel like royalty.