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Sapphire Rings

A stone of great royalty and power, SuperJeweler's sapphire rings are designed with grace and poise in mind. Captivating, with its deep shades of blue to black, our September birthstone ring collection symbolizes love, commitment and attachment, making sapphires a meaningful stone on an engagement ring or wedding band. Dating back many years, sapphire rings have been the engagement ring of choice for many royal ladies including the lovely Princess Diana and the stunning Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, both of which have made sapphire engagement rings extremely popular since.

Known for its durability, sapphires are most commonly found in the United States, Australia and India. Rich in history, sapphire gemstones date back to ancient times when they were considered to have healing powers and were used for protection from plague and fever as well as poison. Worn by Greeks for its wisdom, sapphire rings range in color including royal blue to indigo, as well as pink, green and yellow sapphires. Promoting a fuller understanding of oneself, sapphire rings lend support to those needing security when believing in themselves and communicating their beliefs to others. Stimulating the third eye, September birthstone rings are known to balance internal communications and awaken new ideas and visions.

Finely crafted in sterling silver, 14K yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, SuperJeweler's September birthstone ring collection has an extensive array of regal designs ranging in shape, size and price. Gifted for 45th wedding anniversaries, push presents and designed as an alternative for the classic diamond engagement ring or wedding band, SuperJeweler's sapphire rings are designed with lifelong love and commitment in mind.