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SuperJeweler Is The Best Place To Buy A Sapphire Ring

Wearing a sapphire ring is a time-honored tradition for people who value sapphire for both its beauty and its symbolism. They have been admired for centuries by cultures around the globe. Kings and Queens once prized them for their supposed ability to confer supernatural abilities and wisdom, and in the early church, many early church leaders would wear a sapphire ring for its ability to protect them from harm. The belief in sapphires as a powerful talisman can be traced to the Hebrew tradition that the Ten Commandments were etched on tablets of pure sapphire. From there, it is not surprising that many people began to wear sapphire rings in order to harness the power of these stones.

Other traditional beliefs hold that wearing a Sapphire Ring endows individuals with chastity and protect them from the plague, fevers and skin diseases. Some even believe sapphires can help deflect curses and black magic.

Famous Sapphire Rings

Today most people admire a sapphire ring because it is lovely to look at and comes in rich, blue hues such as midnight, cobalt cornflower blue. As one of the four precious gemstones, it is also symbolic of power and wealth. It is no surprise that there are many people who have purchased stunning sapphire rings that have become famous. The Rockefeller Sapphire is an unusually clean Burmese sapphire flanked by triangular diamonds that last sold for more than three million dollars. Another famous sapphire ring is the former Princess Diana’s unforgettable white gold sapphire ring with a diamond halo. It is now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge as her own engagement ring. It’s no surprise that many of today’s brides are considering Sapphire Rings as a brilliant alternative to a diamond ring.

Birthstone Sapphire Rings

The sapphire is the September birthstone as well as a popular gift for 45th wedding anniversaries. It can be a meaningful gift for push presents and other special events as well. SuperJeweler carries one of the largest collections of birthstone sapphire rings set in 14K yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. Each ring utilizes expertly crafted mountings and only the finest 14K gold for strength, beauty and durability. Our collection includes an impressive collection of fancy cut sapphires such as heart shapes, pear shapes and emerald cuts to cater to the many different ladies sapphire ring styles now in vogue. Exquisite details such as scalloped mountings set with brilliant diamonds, pave diamonds and intricately etched gold all elevate our sapphire rings above the ordinary. The deep blue of sapphires is also suited to masculine jewelry and SuperJeweler offers several impressive birthstone men’s sapphire rings set in white gold and yellow gold, some accented with diamonds.

From Everyday to Special Occasions

Consider a white gold sapphire ring or yellow gold sapphire ring if you want to treat yourself to a versatile and elegant ring. The rich blue is flattering to all skin tones and looks lovely set in any shade of gold. The color goes with everything from pastels to rich jewel tones, so it’s a ring you can wear every day. If you’re looking for something a bit different, a rose gold sapphire ring may be the right ring for you. Due to its durability and extreme hardness, you don’t have to worry about damage from everyday wear. Whether you’re looking for a push present, an anniversary gift or an engagement ring, we have a style you’ll fall in love with.