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Sapphire Necklaces

At 479 carats, a cushion cut blue sapphire was said to be the prized jewel of Cartier in 1919. Admired by royalty around the word, the sapphire caught the eyes of Prince Perdinand of Romania, who purchased the stone and designed it into a sapphire necklace for his mother, Queen Marie who cherished the necklace for years to come, even after her son's untimely passing. Today, sapphire necklace styles symbolize love, loyalty and wisdom and signify the September birthstone, making a sapphire necklace a sentimental push present. Sapphires also represent the gift for 45th wedding anniversaries.

Rich in history and decadent in color, sapphire gemstones have been a desired by royals since 800 BC. Believed by those in ancient Persia to have painted the sky blue with its reflection, sapphire stones were known for their magical powers of wisdom and protection. To defend themselves from harm, kings were said to wear a sapphire necklace around their neck as it served as a protector and a guardian. Sapphires are commonly thought of as velvety blue in color. At SuperJeweler, our September birthstone necklace collection can be found in multiple hues including navy blue, pink and black.

Taking with it its powers of protection, SuperJeweler's September birthstone necklace collection includes a stunning array of styles varying in shape, size and price, fitting all tastes and price points. Designed to pair perfectly with our sapphire rings or sapphire earrings, SuperJeweler's sapphire necklace collection is masterfully crafted in sterling silver, 14K rose gold, white gold or yellow gold, and designed to make you feel like a king or queen, no matter your budget.