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Serving as a protector and guardian from evil, SuperJeweler's sapphire bracelet collection evokes feelings of comfort and tranquility through its calming shades of blue. Sapphires, the focal point of our September birthstone bracelet collection, are known to carry qualities which promote good health, joy and prosperity, making sapphire bracelet pieces a meaningful push present or anniversary gift for any anniversary, but specifically the 45th wedding anniversary, which sapphires represent.

Used as an all purpose medicine to cure many aliments, sapphires date back to ancient times when they were known to strengthen muscles, especially the heart. With its close connection to the heart, SuperJeweler's September birthstone bracelet collection evokes feelings of love and desire and is said to aid in lifelong commitment to one's partner, making a sapphire bracelet a sentimental gift for a loved one. Stunning when paired with SuperJeweler's sapphire necklace collection or sapphire earrings, our sapphire bracelet pieces are crafted with our finest sapphire gemstones from the United States, India and Australia.

With an extensive array of options, SuperJeweler's September birthstone bracelet collection consists of delicately crafted pieces designed to fit each individual style and budget. Ranging in styles including sapphire bangle options and sapphire and diamond bracelet pieces, our sapphire bracelet collection varies in shades of blue to black and is crafted in either sterling silver, 14K rose gold, yellow gold or white gold. Whichever September birthstone bracelet you choose, you do not have to be a September baby to enjoy the royal hues of blue exuding from our precious September birthstone bracelet collection.