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Known as a powerful stone which stimulates the body and invigorates the mind, SuperJeweler's fiery ruby bracelet collection dazzles the eyes and warms the soul. Finely crafted in sterling silver or 14K white gold, our ruby bracelet collection pairs well with our stunning ruby necklace collection. Signifying the gift for 40th wedding anniversaries, our ruby bracelet collection also represents the July birthstone, making the ruby bracelet a popular gift for July babies and push presents.

Said to increase success and promote courage, rubies have long been considered a "Stone of Kings," making ruby jewelry a very popular choice for those of power and wealth. Those that possessed rubies were known to benefit from added protection of one's home and increased wealth due to the stones mystical powers. Today, ruby bracelet styles are adored by all due to their captivating pink and red hues and their continued classification of wealth. Rubies, because of their captivating hues of red are quite often related to themes concerning the essence of love and the passion for life. At SuperJeweler, our intricate July birthstone bracelet collection consists of classic ruby and diamond styles to trendy adjustable tennis bracelet options. Whichever style you choose, incorporating a ruby bracelet to your look will add an extra touch of drama to your every day style.

Crafted with our highest quality rubies, SuperJeweler's July birthstone bracelet collection brings to life the meaning of the ruby gemstone, love and passion. This blood-colored stone exudes radiance and brilliance, while bringing along with it powers of safety and protection. Express your love for the finer things in life with SuperJeweler's finely crafted ruby bracelet collection, designed to provoke the mind and excite the soul.

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