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Stimulating the heart and captivating the soul, SuperJeweler's ruby jewelry collection is bold in color and striking in beauty. Considered the most majestic of all gemstones, a ruby gemstone was once given in exchange for a city in China by Emperor Kublai Khan. Today, rubies represent the July birthstone and are gifted for 40th wedding anniversaries, push presents, Valentine's Day gifts and Christmas gifts.

Legend has it that rubies symbolize an undying flame and the power of its flame is so deep the gemstone could not be hidden, even with clothes over the gemstone. This fiery gemstone represents passion, love and commitment and is known to increase vitality throughout the body, spirit and mind. At SuperJeweler, our extraordinary July birthstone jewelry collection consists of ruby earrings, ruby necklace options, ruby bracelet styles and an extensive array of ruby ring options. Each style is delicately crafted in sterling silver or 14K white gold, yellow gold and the increasingly popular rose gold. The deep and intensely feminine hues of each piece of ruby jewelry varies, depending on where the ruby was mined. July birthstone jewelry is most often mined in Thailand, Brazil, Australia and Vietnam. Colors include deep pink-red, reddish-orange, a red-purple mix or a deep merlot hue. Similar to diamonds, all rubies have natural imperfections, distinguishing them from synthetic ruby jewelry.

Considered a precious gemstone because of its rarity, as well as value, natural ruby jewelry is one of the hardest gemstones, second to diamonds. Due to its durability, ruby makes for both a practical and stylish alternative to the classic engagement ring or diamond wedding band. Stimulate your mind and not your wallet with SuperJeweler's charming July birthstone jewelry, masterfully designed to please.