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Peridot Rings

An effective stone for increasing one's wealth and prosperity, SuperJeweler's peridot rings are the perfect option for those looking to increase their flow of money and abundance. Delicately crafted in sterling silver, 14K white gold, yellow gold or the fashion-forward rose gold, SuperJeweler's August birthstone ring collection makes a great gift for push presents.

The healing green hues radiating from SuperJeweler's August birthstone ring collection help increase love and joy in your life.  These green hues range in color including a lovely lime green to a darker shade of olive green, depending on the specific stone. Dating back to ancient times, peridot gemstones are known to be similar to diamonds in that they form deep within the Earth in a region known as the mantle. From here, the gemstone is brought up to the surface through volcanic activity. Rich in iron, SuperJeweler's rejuvenating peridot rings are offered to you in a variety of different styles, all designed to last a lifetime. Whether you are looking for classic peridot rings or trendy peridot rings, the styles are endless and include peridot gemstone shapes like cushion-cut, oval, marquise and heart-shapes,  some of which are surrounded by a halo of diamonds.

Often paired with SuperJeweler's soothing peridot bracelet or peridot earrings collection, our August birthstone rings captures the essence of beauty with their tranquil hues of green, reminiscent of nature and symbolizing Pantone Color of the Year - Greenery.