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Capturing the earthy green tones of nature, SuperJeweler's peridot bracelet collection soothes the eyes and comforts the soul. Crafted with our finest peridot gemstones, SuperJeweler's August birthstone bracelet collection is designed to last a lifetime. Elegant and serene, our peridot bracelet collection is gorgeous when paired with our peridot necklace collection or peridot ring collection.

Dating back as far as the Bible, peridot gemstones represent the birthstone for August and 16th wedding anniversaries. A peridot bracelet makes for a beautiful push present due to the meaning of love and prosperity. Also known for increasing assertiveness and confidence, while aiding in patience and clarity, SuperJeweler's peridot bracelet collection exudes a tranquil comfort through its calming green tones. Commonly found in Brazil, Australia, Ireland and Egypt, peridot gemstones were once named "Olivine'' because of their serene tones of green, which range from a light green color to a darker olive green shade.

Designed to last a lifetime, SuperJeweler's August birthstone bracelet collection represents Pantone Color of the Year - Greenery due to its refreshing hues of green and representation of nature. Bring love and happiness into your life, or the life of your loved ones, with SuperJeweler's August birthstone bracelet collection, guaranteed to please. It is not recommended to expose your peridot bracelet to extreme heat or extreme temperatures. When cleaning your August birthstone jewelry, we recommend soaking the piece in warm water and lightly brushing with soap.