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With its revitalizing shades of green, SuperJeweler's peridot necklace collection rejuvenates and awakens the senses. Connecting you to nature with its light green hues, our peridot necklace collection represents Pantone Color of the Year - Greenery. Because peridot is the August birthstone, it is ruled by the planet Venus, the second planet from the Sun. Venus is an extremely unique plant because it is the only planet that orbits backwards. Similar to the planet which it is ruled by, SuperJeweler's peridot necklace collection is extremely unique due to its soothing hues of green, which make the gemstone stand out from other gemstones.

Dating back to ancient times, peridot gemstones were designed on carved figures bearing magical symbols and were known to bring wealth and good fortune to those that carried the stone. Today, our August birthstone necklace collection is gifted for 16th wedding anniversaries and push presents. Promoting change and growth, SuperJeweler's peridot necklace collection is delicately crafted in sterling silver, 14K white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. Stunning when paired with our peridot bracelet collection or our peridot earrings collection, SuperJeweler's August birthstone necklace collection includes an array of options ranging from classic to trendy, designed to suit your style.

Designed with either an oval, cushion-cut, pear or heart-shaped peridot gemstone, SuperJeweler's August birthstone necklace collection has something for everyone. Reminiscent of a warm summer day, each piece in our August birthstone necklace collection refreshes the mind, body and soul with its earthy tones of green. It is not recommended to expose your peridot necklace to extreme temperature changes or heat as the stone may crack. Clean your peridot necklace in warm water and lightly brush with soap.