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SuperJeweler's March birthstone jewelry collection features the icy blue aquamarine, with so much more than just beauty that lurks beneath our aquamarine jewelry collection and it's sparkling surface. Deriving from the Latin for “Water of the Sea,” and a member of the Beryl family, the aquamarine has a deep, mythical history that’s been the fuel of legends for centuries. It’s been called the mermaid’s stone and symbolizes tranquility, so each March birthstone jewelry piece represents the peaceful and calming nature of the sea, from its striking blue-green color to the depth and clarity of the stone.

 It’s no wonder why aquamarine jewelry has been the token for sailors and seaman across the world. Loved ones have been gifting the aquamarine for thousands of years, connecting its beauty and sea-like qualities to the safekeeping of their voyaging family members and friends. Likewise, soldiers from ancient civilizations swore by the gem’s protecting powers and would confidently carry it into every battle they encountered.

Today, the legend still lives on through the March birthstone jewelry collection: with its soothing color and array of styles, it becomes the perfect way to show a loved one that you care and desire their safety through life’s journeys and battles. If you’re looking for the perfect occasion or holiday to gift one of our pieces to that special person, SuperJeweler's aquamarine jewelry is gifted as the 19th anniversary stone. Plus, we recommend aquamarine jewelry as a great push present for all the moms who deserve an extra dose of peace and comfort on their big day.

Designed for everyday use and wear, our March birthstone jewelry collection is practical and easy to clean, so you and your beloved March birthstone babies can feel calm and connected across the land or sea, no matter the occasion.