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With more than just beauty behind this gemstone, our aquamarine necklace collection features the legendary aquamarine gemstone, the stone that’s been the fuel for mythology and magical tales for thousands of years. Latin for “Water of the Sea,” and belonging to the Beryl family, the aquamarine, also known as the March birthstone, has a sea-like appearance, reflecting a beautiful blue-green color from its surface, living up to its name and legend of being the mermaid’s stone. SuperJeweler's aquamarine necklace collection represents the sea-like qualities of tranquility and calmness, and has been a favorite gift for sailors and soldiers for centuries, for it’s thought to hold special protecting powers that will keep loved ones safe and allow them to return home.

Our aquamarine necklace collection keeps that legend alive today, as each aquamarine necklace features a high-quality, aquamarine pendant. We offer varying ranges of clarity, shapes and colors. As for the March birthstone gemstone, we have lighter shades of blue and pale green gems that accentuate the icy quality of the stone, while the bold and vibrant blue aquamarine stones are incorporated into statement aquamarine necklace styles that become a great center piece for any outfit. The chain of the aquamarine necklace is made with either a shimmering sterling silver, 14K white gold, a soft rose gold, or a show-stopping, classic yellow gold. The March birthstone necklace pieces also come in 3 different gem shapes and a wide variety of pendants and chain lengths, and even sets that include matching aquamarine earrings. No matter your taste, each of our aquamarine necklace styles boast the highest quality design for special occasions or everyday wear.

The March birthstone’s association with soothing and healing makes it the perfect push present for moms who are in need of special protection and reassurance. Plus, the aquamarine is recognized as the 19th anniversary stone, making our aquamarine necklace pieces the perfect way to commemorate the occasion. Our aquamarine necklace styles are practical and easy to clean, allowing you and your loved ones the freedom to enjoy this gift year-round in foreign waters or at home.