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The icy blue aquamarine gemstone featured in our March birthstone bracelet collection derives from the Latin for “Water of the Sea” and is rooted in mythology that calls it the mermaids treasure and boasts of its calming and healing powers. Our aquamarine bracelet styles, symbolizing tranquility and safety, have long been known as a popular gift for lovers and family members to send with their voyaging loved ones. As they sailed foreign lands and marched into battle, the aquamarine was thought to keep them safe and connected to their family and friends back home.

We’ve taken the inspiration behind those legends and incorporated it into our very own March birthstone bracelet collection, where we show off the decadent gem in an array of different shapes, styles, and sea-tones. Each aquamarine bracelet features either a subtle shade of blue or pale green gemstone or a more bold and vibrant hue, to truly make it a show-stopping piece. A complimenting, shimmering sterling silver or 14K white gold, soft rose gold, or a classic yellow gold serves as the base of the bracelet. To ensure every wearer is satisfied, we offer a variety of different styles for every occasion. Each piece in our March birthstone bracelet collection is uniquely designed in a way that showcases the March birthstone gemstone and represents its mythological roots.

If you’re looking for an occasion to spoil your loved one, the aquamarine bracelet is recognized as the 19th anniversary stone, making it a great way to celebrate, while its association with soothing and healing also makes it the perfect push present. We pride ourselves in providing jewelry that is highly functional and wearable for special occasions or everyday outings. Whether on the land or sea, our March birthstone bracelet styles have been keeping families and friends connected, thanks to the aquamarine stone and symbolic meaning.