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Every piece in our March birthstone ring collection features the blue-hued aquamarine, having deep mythological roots and taking its meaning from the Latin phrase “Water of the Sea." A member of the Beryl family, the aquamarine has been called the mermaid’s stone, with symbolic value for those traveling by sea, as it represents tranquility and is thought to protect the wearer. It’s no wonder that loved ones have been gifting with aquamarine rings for thousands of years, attributing the safekeeping of their voyaging family members and friends to this beautiful gem. Similarly, ancient warriors from all over the world swore by the aquamarine’s protecting powers, confidently carrying it onto every battle ground under their armor.

Our aquamarine rings allow this legend to live on. Each March birthstone ring features a high-quality, aquamarine gemstone, with varying in clarity and shape, and is paired with different shades of complementing gold bands. There are softer and more subtle shades of blue and pale green gems that accentuate the icy quality of the stone on our aquamarine rings. On the other hand, the bold and more vibrant blue aquamarine stones are incorporated into statement pieces that catch the eye and turn heads. The bands on our aquamarine rings are made from either a shimmering 14K white gold, a soft rose gold, or a show-stopping, classic yellow gold. We also offer 6 different gem shapes and an array of styles to ensure the aquamarine rings fit the wearer’s taste perfectly. Whether you’re going for subtle or a big statement, our aquamarine rings boast unique designs that preserve the March birthstone’s rich history and showcase the aquamarine’s elegance.

This collection makes a great gift, as the aquamarine is recognized as the 19th anniversary stone as well as the March birthstone. Its association with soothing and healing also makes it the perfect push present for moms who deserve that added touch of comfort on their big day. You and your loved ones can feel safe and secure knowing SuperJeweler's aquamarine rings will last and weather the storms with them, thanks to its quality and practicality.