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The aquamarine, with it’s beautiful glass-like surface, is the focal point in our March birthstone earrings collection. With so much more than just beauty to offer, our aquamarine earrings receive their name from the Latin phrase “Water of the Sea” and are anchored in rich mythological history. For centuries, aquamarine has been recognized as the mermaid’s stone and the symbol for tranquility and healing, making it the ideal gift for those in need of protection as they travel the open water. Ancient traditions reflect that sailors and soldiers are often the recipients of the aquamarine, having been gifted the stone for its safekeeping and protecting powers.

Even today, families and loved ones adore aquamarine jewelry and what it represents. That’s why we’ve kept the legend alive through our aquamarine earrings. With varying ranges of shape and clarity, each set features a high-quality, aquamarine gemstone with different shades of complimenting gold options including 14K white gold, rose gold, or classic yellow. The aquamarine is a gem that can have many different colors, so we include all of them: the palest of greens, turquoise, and the most vibrant blues. With 3 different gem shapes and a variety of styles, including sets that come with a matching aquamarine necklace, each piece in our aquamarine earrings collection offers versatility and fits every taste. SuperJeweler's aquamarine earrings will help you make a big statement or maintain a more subtle, chic appearance, thanks to its wide range of options.

The March birthstone earrings, with their soothing and calming qualities, make a great gift as a push present for moms on their special day or to celebrate your 19th anniversary, as the aquamarine is recognized for being the token to represent this special occasion. However, our aquamarine earrings collection is designed for every occasion and can be worn at all times, thanks to its easy-to-clean surface and versatility. You can rest assured that your aquamarine earrings can go everywhere you or loved one does.