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SuperJeweler is the Number One Site for Tanzanite Earrings

Tanzanite earrings have been causing a stir in the jewelry world over the last few decades, and SuperJeweler has responded by creating one of the largest selections of tanzanite earrings available. Combined with our excellent prices and exceptional customer service, this has made us the number one site for tanzanite earrings.

Unmatched Selection

Our tanzanite jewelry collection features over five dozen pairs of earrings ranging from simple, tanzanite stud earrings to ornately crafted cushion cut tanzanite earrings encrusted with diamonds. We’ve spent countless hours searching for high quality stones with intense color and high clarity to create tanzanite earrings in white gold, rose gold tanzanite earrings and yellow gold tanzanite earrings to suit every taste. We have classic shapes such as ovals and rounds as well as distinctive emerald cuts and cushion cuts that give you vintage look without the vintage price.

Giving a Gift of Tanzanite

The price of tanzanite, one of the most popular and loveliest stones in the world, is currently very reasonable compared to gemstones such as rubies, sapphires or diamonds. It puts giving a gift of tanzanite earrings within reach for our customers. For a truly memorable gift, choose a matching tanzanite bracelet or necklace. Each tanzanite necklace is just as carefully crafted as our earrings. Take a moment to also look at a tanzanite ring to coordinate with earrings. If you give someone you love matching pieces, you’ll certainly get a gasp of appreciation for your thoughtfulness and indulgence. The deep blue-violet sparkle will no doubt become her favorite jewelry.

Tanzanite Meaning

The meaning of this boldly colored gemstone is overwhelming positive, focusing on promoting the health of both heart and soul. In some cultures and in circles which place value on the harmonics of the crystal, tanzanite is a high vibration stone that stimulates the third eye as well as the heart chakra. As a result, wearing earrings may improve your psychic abilities while soothing your soul and putting you in touch with your best, most spiritual self.

Is Tanzanite a December Birthstone?

The short answer is yes. While there are other, more traditional choices, tanzanite is now recognized by gemologists, jewelers and the public as an official December birthstone due to its lovely, deep blue color. All December birthstones are some shade of blue, and tanzanite fits right into this palette. It has a deeper color other birthstone making it the perfect birthday gift for anyone who prefers something bolder than a blue topaz or who favors the touch of violet-purple found in high quality tanzanites.

Care of Tanzanite Earrings

Although hard enough for any jewelry, a tanzanite stone is softer than a diamond and can be scratched if not properly stored. Keep any tanzanite jewelry separate from other pieces and store in a soft cloth or in its own box. Never use an ultrasonic cleaner, as this might damage the stone. Instead, simply clean with warm, sudsy water and buff with a soft cloth. Because prolonged exposure to water can dull the luster of your tanzanite earrings, don’t wear them swimming or in the bath or shower.