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SuperJeweler Presents The Best Tanzanite Rings At Fantastic Prices

In 1967, a Masai man in Tanzania discovered some interesting rough stones and brought them to the attention of local businessmen. One of them recognized these stones as a new type of gemstone and immediately snapped up some of the land. Soon, the famous Tiffany jewelry company was interested, and the saga of Tanzanite began.

This recently discovered gemstone is now seen in tanzanite rings, tanzanite earrings and much more. Its striking purple-blue color and incredible shimmer has made it the darling of jewelers around the world. At SuperJeweler, we’ve created a complete line of tanzanite rings and other pieces containing exceptionally vibrant stones set in 14K. If you can’t find a tanzanite ring you love in our collection of over 400 tanzanite ring styles, you won’t find it anywhere; certainly not at our low prices!

Tanzanite Meaning

Although a recently discovered gem, tanzanite meaning was quickly established based on the crystal structure of the stone and its properties as well as the meaning behind its colors – usually either a vivid, royal blue or a deep violet-purple. Tanzanite meaning for those who believe in the power of crystals focuses on the heart and soul. The crystal is thought to encourage introspection and spiritual growth while also drawing energy to the heart chakra. For this reason, some people choose a tanzanite engagement ring.

For those who believe in the power of color, the deep blue of some tanzanite stones can soothe jangled nerves, promote calm and even get rid of evil spirits. Stones that are more violet or purple have the properties of blue with added passionate quality of red. Combined, the result is wisdom, dignity and for some, magic.

Tanzanite: December Birthstone for the New Millennium

While there are December birthstones that have been around for ages, more women are choosing white gold tanzanite rings as their birthstone ring every year. Because it is in the same color family as the more traditional blue topaz birthstone and turquoise birthstone, it retains a sense of tradition while being fashion forward and a true conversation starter. In many cases, once our customers receive a ring, they realize they want to augment their tanzanite collection with a tanzanite necklace and tanzanite bracelet so they have a complete set of this gorgeous gemstone. Fortunately, SuperJeweler has dozens of tanzanite options for rings, bracelets and more.

Choose Your Tanzanite Ring Style

With so many gorgeous styles available in 14K white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, narrowing down your search can be difficult. Consider your own style preferences as well as size and price to find the perfect ring. A cushion cut tanzanite ring harkens back to an earlier era, as this cut is similar to many vintage cuts. For tanzanite rings, white gold is the most popular metal chosen because it is a neutral backdrop that lets the bold color of the stone be the star. A rose gold tanzanite ring is particularly feminine and marries two very popular colors – pink and violet-blue or  purple – in one stylish design.

Take the time to browse through our selection of tanzanite rings designed with and without diamonds. We’re confident you’ll find the ring that will be your once-in-a-lifetime investment.