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Rare and Fabulous Tanzanite Bracelets from SuperJeweler

Tanzanite has been worn by some of the most beautiful people in the world, including stars like Beyoncé and Cate Blanchett. This deep blue-purple gemstone is highly prized due to its beauty and its rarity despite only being discovered a little over 50 years ago. People are naturally drawn to the intensity of the color and the clarity and sparkle, which is exceptional. This is part of the reason that the jewelry industry officially made tanzanite a December birthstone in 2001. This was a rare honor, as a new birthstone hadn’t been added to the list in nearly a century.

Tanzanite Meaning Adds to Its Mystique

As with any gemstone, those interested in the power of gems and the meaning of color soon attributed various meanings to tanzanite. The deep blue-purple color is a symbol of royalty, so it is seen as a regal stone. In fact, it graces many tiaras as well as tanzanite earrings, tanzanite bracelets and necklaces worn by heads of state. Blue is also the color of creativity, trust and loyalty, making it a beautiful symbol of love and friendship. The high vibration quality of tanzanite is also believed to help the wearer channel her psychic energy and open herself up to her spirit guide. Is it any wonder so many people want to wear a tanzanite bracelet?

Superior Selection

At SuperJeweler, we strive to make sure we always have an exceptional selection of tanzanite jewelry and the tanzanite bracelet in particular. Due to the increasing scarcity of the gemstone, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find superior tanzanite set in a bracelet because it requires so many stones. Our inventory carries over 120 styles of tanzanite bracelets. Our tanzanite and diamond bracelet collection is unmatched elsewhere. You will find styles with a variety of patterns, including alternating diamonds and tanzanites, all tanzanites and a white gold tanzanite bracelet with an incredible 16 carats of tanzanite gemstones!

Choosing Your Tanzanite Bracelet

Choosing the right tanzanite bracelet for you is made easy with our quick sort guide. You can narrow down your search by the length of the bracelet, the carat weight of the tanzanites, the carat weight of the diamonds and more. If you’re looking for a tanzanite bracelet, white gold is the most popular choice, but you’ll also find this gorgeous gemstone set in more than one style of rose gold bracelet, necklace and other jewelry.

Going, Going, Gone…

Whether you’re searching for a tanzanite bracelet, tanzanite ring or tanzanite necklace, now is the time to buy. Experts agree that the sole source of tanzanite at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro will be completely depleted of this rarest of gemstones within 30-40 years. Because bracelets require so many stones, they will be the first type of jewelry to suffer from the lack of quality stones. Soon, the only way to get a tanzanite bracelet will be to inherit one or buy one from an estate, when their price will have skyrocketed. Get your tanzanite bracelet, necklace or ring today, before they’re all gone.