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Emerald Earrings

Emerald earrings are among the most popular and sought-after styles of earrings today. The timeless beauty and grace of these ancient stones compliment every skin tone and look lovely against every hair color, making them the perfect jewelry accent for women of all ages. SuperJeweler carries a complete line of emerald earrings set in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and sterling silver so you can find a pair you love that fits your budget.

May Birthstone Earrings

Colombian emeralds are the May birthstone, symbolizing rebirth, the freshness of a new spring and the bonds of love, harmony, and loyalty. The color green, found so often in nature, is a naturally calming color, so wearing green earrings can help ground you and keep you focused. They are also one of the four most precious gemstones in the world, so a gift of emerald earrings will certainly be appreciated by someone special in your life.

Emerald Earring Styles

The striking simplicity of a pair of emerald stud earrings will look lovely on anyone. We offer emerald stud earrings on 10K and 14K gold as well as sterling silver as well as a variety of sizes. For added impact, consider a pair of white gold emerald earrings accented with a single diamond or a diamond halo to set off and enhance the rich green of the emerald. Our emerald cluster earrings resemble a fresh, green plant or flower and are perfect for a natural girl. We also offer drop emerald earrings in various styles accented with diamonds for a dressier look.

At SuperJeweler, you can order yellow gold emerald earrings featuring emeralds in brilliant or round cut, oval, emerald cut or even pear shape. You’ll delight in adding different shapes and styles to your emerald jewelry collection knowing every pair of emerald earrings is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our emerald earrings come in lever back, drop and post styles. Every pair is tested for strength, durability and proper closure to prevent loss of an earring. We pride ourselves on making sure every set of emerald earrings has met and passed our quality standards.

Shades of Green

There is no perfect shade of green for emerald earrings, although the most prized and valuable are those with a deep, true emerald color with clarity and sparkle. You can choose from spring shades like yellow-green, go for a bright shamrock shade or opt for a dark, velvety green depending solely on what shade you like best or the outfit you’ll be wearing your emerald earrings with.

To protect your rose gold emerald earrings, it is best to have them mounted in 10K or 14K, which will protect them from damage and highlight the color of the stones. We currently offer white gold emerald earrings, rose gold emerald earrings or yellow gold emerald earrings. If you can’t decide which kind of gold you’re interested in, we suggest getting a few pairs in different shades of gold so you’ll have the right pair every time.