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Emerald Earrings

Grace and timeless beauty exude from the SuperJeweler emerald earrings collection, masterfully handcrafted to be passed down for generations. Known to evoke a sense of luxury and undeniable elegance, emerald earrings, also known as May birthstone earrings, have long been desired by those of power and wealth.  Due to their alluring hues of emerald green and their powers of harmony and love, the desire for emerald earrings date back as far as 300 BC. Throughout the years, style icons like Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Onassis Kennedy were drawn to luscious May birthstone earrings for their characteristics of contentment and bliss. This glamorous green gemstone represents Pantone Color of the Year 2017 - Greenery and is gifted for May birthdays and 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries.

An undeniably intense strength radiates from SuperJeweler's May birthstone earrings collection. The core of this strength begins with the bold and rich hues of green which our emerald earrings range in including yellow-green, light-green, shamrock and dark green. The value of each set of emerald earrings is based on the color of the emerald. The more vibrant the emerald is in color, the more valuable the emerald earrings become. Even if the May birthstone doesn't represent your birthstone, emerald earrings are very popular due to the gemstones attractiveness and its meaning of new beginnings, love and protection. Emerald is a very popular gemstone, making it a fantastic choice for daily wear from day to night. May birthstone earrings will be most secure when crafted in any color - gold, silver, or even platinum. Cleaning your emerald earrings is an easy task done with cool water, soap and a soft brush.