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Opal Rings / Opal Birthstone

Enhancing intuition, SuperJeweler's opal ring collection tantalizes the eyes with stunning hues similar to the full spectrum of a rainbow. Intense in spiritual energy, our October birthstone ring collection carries feelings of ecstasy with it and induces a state of enlightenment. Used by the Native American Indians to invoke vision quests, opal gemstones are rich in history and are known to bring those who wear it inner calmness and peace.

Dating back to the Middle Ages, opal gemstones were used as a protector against impaired vision and known to bring strength to the mind and memory. Known for connecting humans with angelic beings, opal gemstones also allow one's self to connect with the joys of nature that our world has to offer. Taking with it the qualities of other worlds, each opal ring in SuperJeweler's opal ring collection is finely crafted in sterling silver and 10K or 14K white gold or yellow gold, all of which compliment the iridescent colors of our white opal and black opal rings. Elegantly crafted in varying shapes and sizes, including oval, round and heart-shaped, some of which are surrounded by diamonds, our oval rings connect you to your inner creativity.

Stunning when paired with our opal earrings or opal necklace styles, SuperJeweler's October birthstone ring collection is available in all price points, fitting any budget you may have. Treat yourself to a mystical opal ring, designed to excite your senses and intrigue your mind.