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Opal Earrings / Opal Birthstone

Dating back to the year 23 A.D., opals are rich in history and mystical in color. Dazzling to the eye, SuperJeweler's opal earrings illuminate with hues of the rainbow while changing color through movement. The focal point of our October birthstone earrings collection, opal is considered a gemstone of innocence and purity while bringing with it qualities of happiness, loyalty and confidence.

The gift for 14th wedding anniversaries, SuperJeweler's opal earrings are finely crafted in 10K white gold and 14K white gold or yellow gold, all of which compliment the iridescent colors exuding from our opal earrings. Whether you are looking for a pair of opal earrings to wear on a daily basis, or opal earrings to wear for a night out on the town, our October birthstone earrings are available in an array of styles with varying shapes including pear, oval and round. Stunning when paired with one of SuperJeweler's opal necklace options or an opal ring, our opal earrings will add an extra touch of color to your ensemble.

Similar to characteristics of those born in October, such as creating harmony in one's life and achieving balance emotionally and spiritually, opal gemstones hold qualities of stability and peace while bringing with them good luck. Known for their mystical abilities of protection, Greeks considered opals to be the stone form of the tears of Zeus, the Greek god of the sky, weather, destiny and fate. Rich in history, SuperJeweler's opal earrings are masterfully crafted to last a lifetime.