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Opal Necklace / Opal Birthstone

With its iridescent hues illuminating like a bolt of lightning, SuperJeweler's opal necklace collection is both mysterious and mystical. Playing with the mind and tantalizing the eyes, our opal necklace collection, also known as our October birthstone necklace collection, is delicately crafted in sterling silver and 14K white gold or yellow gold. Representing the gift for 14th wedding anniversaries, opal jewelry holds with it qualities of love and commitment and is also gifted for push presents for those that give birth in the month of October.

Considered a water stone, opals hold a larger portion of water than most stones and are known to guide you on your life path, regardless of the obstacles you may encounter along the way. Dating back to 23 A.D., opal gemstones have been known to bring continued strength to one's mind and protect one's memory. Known to show you the state of your emotions in past experiences, opals teach you how to take responsibility for past actions and how to move forward and grow in the future. Intensifying emotions and releasing inhibitions, opals encourage independence and stimulate creativity.

Magical when paired with SuperJeweler's opal earrings or an opal ring, our opal necklace collection includes pear and oval opal necklaces, designed in a range of price points to fit every budget. Inspired by the creative and mystical powers exuding from opal gemstones, every piece in SuperJeweler's October birthstone necklace collection is designed to bring out your magical energies.