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Opal Birthstone / Opal Jewelry

A precious stone of mystery and intrigue, opals dazzle the eye with captivating iridescent hues. Dedicated to please one's sight, opals stimulate our creative side while encourage positive emotions and inspiring hope, luck and happiness. Keeping these qualities in mind, SuperJeweler's October birthstone jewelry collection is creatively crafted with our finest opal gemstones from the United States, Ethiopia and Australia. Representing the gift for 14th wedding anniversaries and the October birthstone, SuperJeweler's opal jewelry collection consists of a magical array of styles including our opal ring collection, opal earrings and opal necklace pieces.

Due to the mysterious, other worldly quality of opals, the ancient Greeks believed these precious gemstones bestowed their wearer with the gift of prophesy. Flashing its intensely brilliant colors like lightening in a rainbow, opals are known to inspire love and passion while serving as a stone for meditations and inner work on one's self. Radiating calming and peaceful rays of color, opal jewelry connects you to Earth, allowing you to experience the incredible joy and beauty of nature. Receiving its rainbow like colors from optical effects created by light waves that travel between spaces in their hardened minerals, opals exude brilliant flashes of iridescent color. Representing the national gemstone of Australia, opals form from a volcanic process and have an ability to absorb water while being resistant to breakage. Dating back in Ancient History, Greeks believed that opal gemstones were the tears of Zeus, the Greek god of the sky, weather and destiny. As such, this stone was known to bring those that wore it inner peace and clarity.

Exquisitely crafted in sterling silver, 10K white gold and yellow gold or 14K white gold and yellow gold, SuperJeweler's October birthstone jewelry collection is available in white opal and black opal jewelry pieces. Our finely designed opal jewelry is available in many shapes, styles and price points. No matter what your personal style and budget may be, SuperJeweler's October birthstone jewelry collection appeals to all with its enticing shades of changing colors.