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Morganite Necklace

What is Morganite

There’s something about a necklace that makes it the perfect accessory to any outfit, and our morganite necklace collection is no exception. Each of our ladies’ morganite necklace designs features morganite stones of exceptional clarity and rich color. These pink beryl gemstones are some of the rarest gemstones in the world, with the finest stones coming from Madagascar and Brazil as well as a few smaller mines in Mozambique and Namibia. We pride ourselves on purchasing only the finest gems for our morganite jewelry, then mounting them in 10k or 14K gold for lasting beauty that withstands the test of time.

The Value of a Morganite Necklace

The value of a cushion cut morganite necklace can vary based on the size of the stone, any accent stones in the necklace and the kind of metal used. For instance, a 14k white gold morganite necklace will be worth more than a similar design set in sterling silver. SuperJeweler offers a wide range of styles, metals, and accents to fit every budget.

Morganite gemstones are valued based on the clarity of the stone and lack of flaws called inclusions as well as the depth of the gem’s color. Currently, the most prized color for morganite jewelry is a clear, deep pink. The larger the stone and the fewer flaws, the more valuable the gem. Fortunately, morganite tends to have very few flaws in its structure and is often crystal clear, so even larger stones are not as expensive as pink diamonds or other stones that tend to have more flaws. This is how we can offer a yellow gold morganite necklace or rose gold morganite necklace at a price that will pleasantly surprise you.

Framing Your Vintage Morganite Necklace in Style

Our morganite pendant necklaces are carefully mounted in precious metals such as gold or sterling silver that will enhance the stone’s design and color.  A cushion cut morganite necklace can be enhanced with a halo of diamonds to capture and refract the light or simply be suspended on a delicate strand of gold to make an unmistakable statement. Each stone is carefully mounted to show off the stone’s lovely color while protecting the stone securely. Each oval morganite necklace features multiple prongs so you can wear the necklace daily without worrying. Our mountings and  accent stones are put together to create classic and elegant styles that will never be out of fashion.

A Fashion Staple

A morganite necklace will enhance the look of any outfit. A simple, oval pendant suspended on a gold chain can add a touch of femininity to a crisp white blouse and jeans. If you’re looking for a classic gift featuring this popular pink stone, consider the gift of a morganite necklace and earring set. We offer these in 1-1/4, 2 and 3 carat sizes for dramatic impact. If you want something for evening wear or special occasions, a double halo, cushion cut morganite necklace is the perfect, sparkly accessory for your little black dress or a soft, silk blouse. Adding a morganite necklace to your wardrobe will ensure many compliments and add a touch of pastel charm to any outfit.