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Morganite Earrings

SuperJeweler’s collection of morganite earrings is unmatched for quality, beauty and style. Our buyers travel the globe to bring you ladies’ morganite jewelry in an unrivaled array of fashionable options from simple, everyday studs to sophisticated styles ideal for evening wear.

Gold Morganite Earrings

Morganite never looks better than when mounted in gold. This versatile metal comes in rose, white and yellow, giving you plenty of options when choosing your rose gold morganite earrings

The most popular morganite earrings we sell are our yellow gold morganite earrings. Whether you’re looking for a plain stud to wear with jeans and a casual blouse or you want to rock that lovely new dress with a pair of morganite and diamond earrings that dangle sweetly from your earlobes, rose gold the perfect way to enhance the rich, rosy pink of high quality morganite stones. Our diamond halo style morganite earrings set in rose gold are the epitome of romance.

If you prefer a more traditional look, white gold morganite earrings are classic and lovely. White gold is especially nice for earrings accented with diamonds, as the white gold will enhance the clarity of the diamonds without detracting from the rosy hue of a morganite center stone. For women  who prefer yellow gold, SuperJeweler has morganite earrings in various cuts from emerald cut to oval.

Facet Options

Each cut of morganite gemstone has features that make it special, so we’ve brought together various cuts to make choosing the right earrings easy. Our cushion cut morganite earrings are part of a trend toward more traditional cuts that maximize the surface area of faceted stones for intense color. Cushion cut morganite earrings show off the undeniably feminine luster of this rose-hued gemstone to great advantage. Oval morganite earrings are a lovely choice for anyone who wants the look of a large stone with lots of sparkle. For a more unusual look, we offer emerald cut morganite earrings. These geometric gems will garner compliments for their uniqueness and modern flair.

Care of Ladies’ Morganite Earrings

All our morganite earrings are fashioned with secure backs and handcrafted mountings so you’ll never have to worry about losing an earring. Because these gemstones are of beryl, they are relatively hard and can stand up to daily wear with no problem. To protect the color and shimmer of your  morganite  earrings, always put them on after doing your hair and makeup so they don’t become coated with makeup or  hairspray, which can dull the shine. To clean your earrings, soak them in warm water with a mild soap, then gently clean with a soft brush, paying extra attention to the back of the mountings, where soil can collect. Rinse with warm water, then buff dry with a soft cloth.

You’ll undeniably be pretty in pink wearing a pair of morganite earrings. The pink shade is flattering to all skin tones and will add a touch of color to your face for a healthy glow. From morganite and diamond earrings to stunning studs, SuperJeweler’s collection is fully guaranteed, so you can’t go wrong.