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Tranquil yet seductive, SuperJeweler's February birthstone jewelry collection draws you in with its calming hues of purple. Amethyst, the focal point of our February birthstone jewelry collection is known to promote peace, happiness and inner strength. The perfect gift for your 6th wedding anniversary, amethyst jewelry is also a meaningful push present because of its connection with angels. It is said that amethyst aids you in communicating with angels and is a psychic protection stone.

 Once considered a gemstone for hippies, amethyst jewelry has gained mainstream popularity in recent years, both on and off the red carpet. With A-list celebrities like Naomi Watts and Brie Larson flaunting their amethyst jewelry, the soothing February birthstone has become a fashion-forward option, especially among millennials. Amethyst jewelry is stunning due to the way it captures light. It can either look very rich or extremely delicate, ranging in colors including lavender, lilac, mauve and a deep purple. With its connection to spirituality, each piece in SuperJeweler's February birthstone jewelry collection brings you an inner calmness.

Dating back to ancient times, amethyst has been known as a "sobriety stone." For decades it was used to prevent one from drinking too much, especially those addicted to destructive compulsive behaviors. The stone has also been very popular with royalty throughout the years. Royals in Great Britain decorate their crowns with amethyst and Queen Catherine the Great of Russia was known to wear amethyst jewelry on a daily basis. Today, amethyst is the February birthstone. Masterfully crafted with the finest gemstones from the United States, Africa, Brazil and Uruguay, SuperJeweler's amethyst jewelry collection offers unique pieces ranging from amethyst earrings, amethyst ring styles, amethyst bracelet options and amethyst necklace styles. Designed to last a lifetime, our February birthstone collection is available in a variety of carat sizes shapes and price points.