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Amethyst Rings

Dating back to ancient times, amethyst, with its royal tones of purple, was known as a symbol of Christ and was the gemstone of choice for Bishops of the Christian church who were known to wear an amethyst ring. Today, amethyst is the February birthstone and the gift for 6th wedding anniversaries. With its captivating shades of purple, amethyst ring styles are rich in history and were collected by royals all over the world from Egypt to Britain.

A favorite gemstone of celebrities, amethyst ring styles have been frequented on both the red carpet and in the daily lives of celebrities like Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Alicia Keys. Reality star, Heidi Montag from the MTV show, The Hills received an amethyst ring surrounded by a halo of diamonds as her engagement ring from her now husband, Spencer Pratt. Due to its durability, an amethyst ring is the perfect ring to wear on a daily basis, making it a unique alternative to the classic engagement ring. With a stunning array of designs to choose from, SuperJeweler's February birthstone ring collection has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a unique engagement ring or a meaningful push present, each amethyst ring in our collection is made to captivate the eyes, heart and soul.

Remarkably crafted with the finest gemstones from the United States, Brazil and Uruguay, SuperJeweler's February birthstone ring collection ranges in hues of purple including lavender, lilac and a deep and intense purple. Each style is unique in its beauty and designed to fit all price points. Whether you are looking for a fashion-forward item such as our 3 carat amethyst ring with a split shank and diamonds or a timeless piece like our 2.25 carat oval amethyst ring with diamonds, each piece is designed to make you feel like a celebrity.