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Dating back to ancient times, an amethyst necklace was worn by those of wealth and power due to its connection with royalty. Today, an amethyst necklace, the focal point of SuperJeweler's February birthstone necklace collection, is known as a fashion-forward piece worn by A-list celebrities like Taylor Swift and Jennifer Garner. Seductive, with its calming tones of purple, an amethyst necklace is the perfect gift for 6th wedding anniversaries, as well as the perfect push present with its connection to communicating with angels and bringing its wearer peace and good luck.

Stunningly designed with the finest gemstones from the Unites States, Africa, Uruguay and Brazil, SuperJeweler's February birthstone necklace collection is available in a range of soothing purple tones including lavender, lilac and a deep purple. Known for its connection with one's emotions, amethyst is called the "sobriety stone" because it brings strength and positive energy to those struggling with addictions to alcohol, drugs and smoking and is known to aid those with these compulsive behaviors. Once worn as a protective charm by medieval European soldiers, today, an amethyst necklace is still used as a protector, bringing its wearer balance and peace in their life.

Crafted to fit all styles and price points, SuperJeweler's amethyst necklace collection consists of eye-catching pieces designed for daily wear or statement pieces for a special night out. With a variety of carat sizes and shapes to choose from, it's hard to pick just one amethyst necklace, but luckily with price points so low, you can spoil yourself with an array of February birthstone necklaces, even if you do not have a February birthday. Beautiful when paired with amethyst earrings or an amethyst bracelet and amethyst ring, each piece in our amethyst necklace collection is designed to last a lifetime.