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Emerald Rings

Emerald rings are undeniable symbols of beauty and elegance. They have been worn by royalty, nobility and the rich and famous for centuries. Emerald rings capture the verdant warmth of nature in myriad shades of green from bright, clear grass shades to dark, mysterious emerald greens reminiscent of the depths of the ocean.

Famous Emerald Rings

Emerald rings have long been coveted by famous women, including Elizabeth Taylor, who often wore a magnificent Bulgari designed emerald ring given to her by Richard Burton. The ring sold in 2011 at auction for over $3,000,000! But SuperJeweler offers emerald rings on a scale you can afford while ensuring each stone is of superior quality.

Another famous emerald is the Chalk Emerald, an exquisite Columbian emerald in a deep, velvety shade of green. Legend says it one belonged to a Maharani in India and originally weighted 38.4 carats. It was eventually recut by Harry Winston, Inc. and mounted in a ring surrounded by 60 pear-shaped diamonds. Today resides in the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.

Durable and Lovely

Emerald rings are a popular choice as an alternative to a diamond engagement ring for women who want more color in their betrothal ring. It is also an excellent choice for an engagement ring if your fiancée is born in May or under the astrological sign for Cancer. Emerald rings are also popular Christmas gifts, as they capture the brilliant green of the holiday season and have a festive sparkle that is undeniable.  Emeralds are quite hard, but they can chip if not cared for properly. You should avoid putting your emerald rings in very hot water or cleaning them with steam.

Emerald Rings in Many Styles

The emerald is an extremely versatile stone. It can be cut into almost any gemstone shape. While the emerald cut (a rectangle with rounded corners) is the most famous and easily recognized cut for an emerald, you can also get vintage emerald rings with round, oval, cushion cut and even pear-shaped stones. The emerald cut is a very popular choice for these lovely green gemstones because it was designed to maximize the color of the stone. If you want a ring that has deep, rich color, look at emerald cut center stones in emerald rings.

White gold emerald rings are very popular because the white gold allows the deep green of the stone to really shine without any interference from another color. White gold is a neutral backdrop for the stone and any surrounding gems.  SuperJeweler also offers yellow gold emerald rings for those who appreciate the play of yellow and green together. Rose gold emerald rings can be quite feminine and eye-catching and will definitely be conversation starters because they are relatively new on the market.

Caring for Emerald Rings

While emeralds are relatively sturdy, they do often have small inclusions, so you should wash them with care. Cool, soapy water and a thorough rinsing are all that is needed. Buff the stone dry with a soft cloth. Any time you use hand cleansers or apply lotion to your hands, remove your emerald rings. Build-up of these products can dull the shine of the emeralds.