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Emerald Necklaces

Symbolizing harmony and security in love, SuperJeweler's precious emerald necklace collection represents renewal and growth in the future. The intense and luscious May birthstone exudes a truly undeniable sense of timeless elegance and grace. Dating back as far as 330 BC, wearing an emerald necklace as an amulet has long been considered as a protective piece by the those of power and wealth due to their magical green hues and mystical powers. Known as the required gift for your 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries, as well as for her May birthstone, emeralds, with their varying shades of luscious green, were selected as Pantone Color of the Year 2017 - Greenery.

When purchasing a May birthstone emerald necklace style it is important to remember that emerald necklace options range in color including light-green to very dark green, with Colombian emeralds being the most desired. The most significant factor to consider with your May birthstone gem is the color of the emerald because the more vibrant the emerald is, the more valuable the emerald necklace becomes. Emerald necklace styles have long been desired by style icons such as Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Onassis Kennedy, who were drawn to the allure and never-ending beauty exuding from each and every emerald necklace. Masterfully designed and crafted to be passed down for generations to come, emerald necklace styles from SuperJeweler add grace and poise to any outfit. Emerald is a very sturdy gemstone that is adored by all, even those that do not have a May birthday. Your emerald necklace is most secure when crafted in 14K gold or platinum. Cleaning your May birthstone necklace is an easy task done with cool water, soap and a soft brush.