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Emerald Necklace

Suspended above the collar of a shirt or the V-neck of a dress, an emerald necklace will always be eye-catching due to its intense color and vivid sparkle. We offer dozens of gold emerald necklace options, including white gold emerald necklace, yellow gold emerald necklace and rose gold emerald necklace as well as sterling silver. The emerald’s vivid color goes well with any shade of gold and is enhanced by the glitter of diamonds when they are mounted together in a necklace.

A Centering Stone

The emerald is associated with the Heart Chakra and is sometimes thought of as a gemstone that encourages successful relationships and love. It nurtures natural feeling and gives healing and courage to those who wear it. Legendary attributes include the emerald as a stone that centers the wearer spiritually and encourages creativity. For this reason, the May birthstone is a very popular gift. Who wouldn’t want to wear a necklace that inspires unity, passion and a calm, focused mind?

Emerald Necklaces Make Great Gifts

Struggling for the perfect jewelry gift for someone special in your life? Consider an emerald necklace. It has more color than a diamond necklace and symbolizes love, creativity, and loyalty, so you can give it to a friend or someone you love. Emerald green goes well with just about every other color, so the recipient of an emerald necklace will be able to wear it with just about any outfit.

Choosing an Emerald Necklace

The value of emeralds depends in large part on the color. A deep, pure green is the most valuable and highly prized, but there are also beautiful emeralds that have a touch of yellow or a hint of deep blue in their coloring. Which one you choose will depend on what shade you like the most. You can also customize the look of your emerald necklace by adding diamond accents, a halo of diamonds and choosing the precious metal that you prefer from yellow gold, white gold or rose gold.

Emeralds are Rare and Precious

Keep in mind that as the size of emeralds increase, their price will go up as well. In some cases, emeralds with few flaws can be worth more than diamonds of the same size and clarity. Emeralds can also be expensive because they are not easy to mine. They are often hidden within other rocks and are more difficult to find and extract from the surrounding materials. Because SuperJeweler buys quality emeralds in large quantities from the world’s finest emerald mines, we can pass our savings on to you in the form of better prices for emerald necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

It’s no wonder that kings, queens and emperors have long sought out this mysterious gemstone. Spanish conquistadors traded emeralds for precious metals hundreds of years ago during the Age of Exploration, giving their rulers gifts of emeralds from the New World. Famous women around the world have been wearing emerald necklaces for generations, including Queen Elizabeth and Elizabeth Taylor. The allure of these deep green gemstones is perfectly displayed in our collection of emerald necklaces for you to cherish today and pass down through the generations.