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Introducing the Diamonds by the Yard necklace – a true symbol of our commitment to excellence. This necklace holds ten dazzling diamonds, each gently enclosed in a small gold circle.

Imagine ten delicate diamonds, each weighing 0.05 carats. When you add them together, they make up a total of 1/2 carat – not huge, but they sure do shine big and bright. These diamonds come in colors from I-J, which gives them a gentle sparkle. They're also fairly clear, rated as I2. This means they might have a few tiny marks, but they still have a nice shine.

The necklace itself is a masterpiece, made from shiny 14-karat white gold. It's 16 inches long, which is a great length for your neck. And if you want it a bit longer, there's a neat trick – a two-inch extender. The necklace stays in place with a lobster-claw clasp on a chain that looks like a cable.

Remember, this Diamonds by the Yard necklace isn't just about looks. It's a symbol of SuperJeweler's dedication. When you wear it, you're not only showing off the diamonds' sparkle, but you're also carrying the story of our commitment to making amazing jewelry. It's perfect for special times or even just to add a bit of elegance to your everyday style. This necklace stands for beauty that lasts and SuperJeweler.com promise to always bring quality.