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Stocking Stuffers

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Christmas will be here sooner than you think, and as usual you’ll probably put off shopping for stocking stuffers until last. It’s always hard to come up with new ideas for stocking stuffers after a few years. You have to consider the size of the stocking, how many items you want to put in the stocking as well as the personal tastes of the person whose stocking you’re filling. Fortunately, SuperJeweler has plenty of stocking stuffer jewelry to help you out! But where did the idea of hanging stockings to be filled with treats at Christmas begin?

Stocking Stuffer Origin

Stockings weren’t always hung for Santa. The tradition started with the legend of a poor man who had no money for a dowry for his daughters. When Saint Nicholas heard about this, he snuck into the house one night and left a bag of gold chains in the stockings of each girl, who had hung them by the fire to dry. The story in various forms has traveled the world and children from many cultures hang stockings or leave shoes by the front door, hoping Santa Claus will fill them. Over the centuries, the stocking stuffer origin evolved into a tradition for adults as well.

The earliest stocking stuffers were generally small, inexpensive treats such as candies, gum, fresh fruit and small trinkets and toys such as tops or paper dolls. Today, exchanging stocking stuffers is often the most anticipated part of Christmas gift exchanges for couples. Over the years the value of these stocking stuffers has increased, with jewelry becoming a particularly popular gift item to tuck into the toe of a lovely lady’s Christmas stocking.

What Should You Spend on Stocking Stuffer Jewelry?

This question can only be answered by you. There are a few routes you can go, depending on what you want to achieve. We carry a selection of stocking stuffer earrings, stocking stuffer bracelets and necklaces that can all be easily tucked into a stocking without breaking the bank. If you want to give your pre- teen or teen daughters beautiful stocking stuffer earrings, SuperJeweler has 5-point diamond stud earrings or creamy pearl stud earrings that can be their first precious jewelry gifts. At under $100 each pair, these stocking stuffer earrings will be cherished for years.

If you want something a little more substantial for your wife or girlfriend, look to our various gemstone selections. You can find a gorgeous stocking stuffer bracelet or stocking stuffer necklace for anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a stunning colored gemstone necklace with halo diamonds for a thousand or more dollars. The only limits to the size and cost of stocking stuffer rings and other holiday jewelry gifts are your budget and what kind of stocking stuffer jewelry you want to give to your loved one. Fortunately, at SuperJeweler, no matter how beautiful or valuable the stocking stuffer jewelry is, you’ll find the best prices anywhere. We strive to make sure you can get the most generous, high quality jewelry every time.

Stocking Stuffer Rings – A Christmas Engagement Tradition

Christmas is traditionally a time of friends, family and love, so it’s no surprise that many men dream of tucking an engagement ring box into their girlfriend’s Christmas stocking. There’s nothing like watching her eyes light up when she opens that box and sees a sparkling diamond. It will be the crowning glory of the holidays because she can share her new joy with family and friends. Nothing has as much glitter and shine as a diamond ring sparkling in the light of a roaring fireplace or holiday candles.

If you’re proposing this Christmas, any one of our gorgeous, stocking stuffer rings can become part of future holiday family stories. A halo engagement ring, a vintage style cushion-cut stunner or a striking diamond solitaire - no matter which ring you choose, once you tuck it into her stocking, you’re sure to get the answer you’re hoping for!