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Mystic Topaz Ring

A mystic topaz ring captures the unique attributes of this gemstone beautifully. Because you use your hands all day, constantly moving them, a ring is the ideal medium for showing off mystic topazes, which flash a variety of colors in their depths as your hands move. Although a mystic topaz ring starts off with a clear or very pale stone, a titanium coating chemically enhances the colors already present in the stone, drawing out shades like purple, blue and deep green and creating a prismatic effect that flashes with multiple colors.

Why Topaz?

Topaz is the chosen stone for treating with metallics to create the “mystic” style for a few reasons. First, topaz is a relatively hard stone, so it’s easy to work with and resistant to damage during normal wear. Second, high quality stones that don’t have any visible imperfections can easily be located for prices lower than what you would pay for diamonds, rubies, emeralds or sapphires of the same quality. This clean appearance is ideal for creating mystic topaz jewelry because the added color coating may magnify imperfections in a more flawed stone.

It is easy to cut topaz into a variety of shapes, including fancy cuts such as marquis and pear cuts and end up with a nearly flawless mystic topaz ring. This combination of strength, workability and lack of imperfections make it ideal for manipulating with color. It is also quite affordable and can be easily set into 10K or 14K white gold, yellow gold or rose gold as well as sterling silver.

Is It A Birthstone? Mystic Topaz Meaning

Although most people think of the November birthstone as a traditional yellow or blue topaz, the stone can be any color at all and still be the accepted gemstone for November babies and people born under the star sign Sagittarius. Opting for a mystic topaz ring for a birthstone ring is a lovely idea if you prefer to wear purples and greens or desire ring that can be a conversation starter.

The Symbolism of Color

If you’re choosing a white gold mystic topaz ring for its gorgeous color instead of because it’s your birthstone, you may benefit from the mystical meanings of the colors. Some people believe that wearing purple can enhance your creativity and tap into your intuition and spiritual side. Green supposedly supports love, nurturing, communication and acceptance. If you wear a rose gold mystic topaz ring, you may feel more confident when speaking in public and more open to spirituality and religion.

Stylish Mystic Topaz Ring Options

At SuperJeweler, we offer a variety of mystic topaz rings in styles to suit every taste in rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. Unusual shapes such as cushion cuts and pears refract light through multiple facets of the mystic topaz, ensuring maximum sparkle and multiple colors showing within the stone. While the predominant colors will be purple, green and blue, you may also see flashes of red, orange and yellow in a stone with many facets. Diamond Accented Mystic Topaz Rings are another option that have become increasingly popular in recent years. Diamonds are always popular and add a touch of the traditional to a ring with a new, contemporary stone such as the mystic topaz.