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Mystic topaz necklaces feature the semiprecious gemstone mystic topaz, which has only recently burst onto the jewelry scene. It was first seen at the Hong Kong Jewelry Fair in  1998, when it was introduced by a  company that  had developed a patented way to treat natural topazes in order to enhance their colors. In that short span of time, it has become very popular due to the vibrant shades of purple, green and deep blues seen in the refracted light of this faceted stone. A mystic topaz is a natural gem, usually a clear topaz, that has been chemically treated with an extremely thin layer of titanium in order to alter the way light shines through and reflects, creating the lush greens, vibrant purples and other colors of the spectrum seen within the stone. First introduced in 1998, it has quickly become a best seller at SuperJeweler.

Mystic Topaz Necklace Styles

Our white gold, rose gold and yellow gold mystic topaz necklaces are popular with people for many reasons. First and foremost, the color is unique in the world of gemstones. The stones in a Mystic Topaz Necklace sparkle with flashes of several different colors, with the main colors being purple and deep green. There are also flashed of other colors, however, that give the mystic topaz a unique iridescent quality that you can’t find in any naturally occurring gems or crystals.

We also offer a variety of mounting styles in yellow gold, rose gold or white gold mystic topaz necklaces. Every necklace is professionally created with fine quality mountings in sculptural designs featuring accents that are beaded, scalloped or enhanced with diamonds. Whether you’re looking for a modern pendant with clean lines or an elegant, vintage-style necklace with a pear-shaped mystic topaz, you can find what you’re looking for at SuperJeweler.

Who Wears A Mystic Topaz Necklace?

A ladies mystic topaz necklace is a wonderful gift for anyone born in November or under the Zodiac sign Sagittarius, as topaz is the natural birthstone for this month and sign. Many women who previously had not worn topaz because they weren’t fond of the orange or yellow color common to naturally colored versions are now snapping up mystic topaz necklace and earring sets because they love the bold purples and greens. At SuperJeweler, you can buy a yellow gold, rose gold or white gold mystic topaz necklace. We also offer multiple variations on the diamond halo mystic topaz necklace perfect for gift giving.

Mystic Topaz Meanings

There are several ancient cultures that revere the topaz, and by extension mystic topaz, for healing properties or special powers. In traditional English medicine, topaz corresponds to the throat chakra, enhancing communication and protecting the voice. If you are a follower of Indian medicine, wearing a mystic topaz necklace may be beneficial to your speaking abilities while protecting your throat’s health. The ancient Greeks believed topaz could do everything from detecting poison in drinks to increasing a person’s strength, so wearing a mystic topaz necklace may protect you from harm while looking fabulous.