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The Halo Engagement Ring Trend


You can never go wrong with a halo engagement ring. Going down on one knee and proposing to the woman of your dreams with a gorgeous diamond halo engagement ring will result in your fiancee thanking her lucky stars that her man has taste!  And best of all, you bought your halo diamond ring on SuperJeweler, so you saved a boatload of cash!

A halo engagement ring consists of a circle of fiery diamonds circling a diamond in the center or the ring. The diamond halo makes the center diamond look bigger!

With a description like that, it’s no wonder the halo remains one of the two most popular designs for engagement rings. The best part is its versatility. The halo complements a variety of different shapes shapes, such as Round Brilliant, Cushion, Radiant, Pear, Princess, Oval and Heart shapes, and you can customize a diamond halo ring to suit your fancy.

What Setting Works for You?

Why opt for a standard metal setting when you have the option to transform the halo engagement ring? Based on the design and style you select, we can customize the halo ring using different metals. The most classic is the white gold halo ring, but couple are opting for rose gold halo engagement ring, yellow gold halo rings and more. 

Which one should you go for?

  • For a vintage touch, rose gold is perfect. Rose gold was hot in 2018, and should be even more fashionable for a rose gold halo engagement ring in 2019.
  • Yellow gold is coming back fast, and might be the way to go. SuperJeweler diamond experts have proven that our White Diamond fine halo engagement ring quality shines even whiter and bright in a yellow gold engagement ring.
  • The most classic is a platinum halo engagement ring or white gold diamond ring.

Halo settings include a circle of gemstones around the diamond in the center. There are prong set center diamonds and also bezel set, for a clean, modern look.

Bezel settings, which enhance the design of the halo engagement ring by covering the edges of the stone and creating a frame around it, are a modern design, one that you can create using different metal colors.

What Are Thin and Wide Halos?

When it comes to diamond and gemstone halo engagement rings, you can choose a large diamond in the center with a halo of small diamonds to create a sophisticated look. To really stand out, you could choose a sapphire halo ring or emerald halo ring, meaning a gemstone center stone.  

You can create a striking border around a center diamond by customizing your ring with sapphire, emerald, and ruby gemstones in the halo. If you are opting for gemstones, the most popular are sapphire, emerald and ruby, by far. Gemstones in halo engagement rings are a statement of your personal taste and create a beautiful and distinctive ring.

At Shop Jeweler, we bring you an assortment of halo engagement rings. We can create a custom designed halo engagement ring, just for you! Visit us today to check out our collection of engagement rings.


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