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Introducing this super cool Diamonds by the Yard necklace from SuperJeweler!! It's like a dream come true for jewelry lovers. The necklace has ten diamonds that are set in a really stylish way called bezel setting. Each diamond is 0.10 carats, and when you add them up, it's a whole 1 carat of diamond magic! These diamonds have a color grade of I-J, which means they shine bright with a bit of warmth. The clarity is I2, giving them some personality with unique little imperfections.

The necklace itself is made of 14 karat white gold – that's the good stuff that stays shiny and lasts long. It's 16 inches long, but guess what? There's an extra two-inch part that you can use to make it even longer. And don't worry about it falling off because it's got a lobster-claw clasp that's easy to use. The chain is like those cables you see, giving the necklace a modern look that's totally in.

Imagine rocking this necklace at school, parties, or anywhere you want to show off your style. SuperJeweler totally nailed it with this piece, combining their 25 years of experience into one stunning necklace. It's not just jewelry; it's a statement, a piece of art, and a touch of their jewelry-making passion all rolled into one. So go ahead, add some sparkle to your life with this Diamonds by the Yard necklace!