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Sideways Cross Necklaces

Religious jewelry has always been popular as both a spiritual symbol and a fashion statement. Crosses have been worn for centuries to represent an individual’s faith as well as for their simple beauty and symmetry. In the past decade, sideways cross necklaces have been showing up on runways and around the necks of celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Jennifer Lopez. Naturally, the side cross necklace has seen a surge in interest as a result.

  • How to Wear A Sideways Cross Necklace
  • While many people choose to wear a horizontal cross necklace because it's unexpected and attractive, others wear it for the implied symbolism. If you love the look of sideways cross necklaces, you aren't alone. The way it lays along the neckline and the way it adds beauty to your jewelry without having to add a separate pendant to your necklace make a side cross ideal if you love a touch of interest without going full-on with bling or elaborate details.

    Sideways cross necklaces come in a multitude of styles and materials, so they’re versatile. A single side cross on a thin chain is the most unadorned style, but it gives you some options when you wear it. You may wear it with the cross in front, centered around your neck, for a classic look, or you can swing your necklace around so the cross is upright to the side. This is a playful, unexpected look. Horizontal cross necklaces with more than one cross are great if you want something more symmetrical. In these, the crosses are usually spaced out along the chain for a look that isn't overpowering.


  • Sideways Cross Necklaces on Celebrities
  • Jennifer Lopez has worn a small, yellow gold sideways cross necklace on many occasions, prompting fans to look for a similar style. Kelly Ripa also likes the small scale and shine of a yellow gold horizontal cross necklace. Kourtney Kardashian sticks with a delicate approach but dresses it up with diamonds. SuperJeweler offers a similar style with sterling silver sideways cross set with diamonds for sparkle at a low price.


  • Variations on Side Cross Necklaces
  • While women initially gravitated toward these necklaces, men have shown interest as well. Men's sideways cross necklaces are usually larger and a bit more rugged in design—many men like crosses with the look of rope, textural details, or center stones. You'll find men from every walk of life wearing side cross necklaces with everything from tees to dress shirts these days.

    The side cross necklace has skyrocketed in popularity, and SuperJeweler has responded. You can find yellow gold, sterling silver, and white gold sideways cross necklaces in styles ranging from plain to elaborate. Some feature stones such as turquoise or diamonds; others come in two-tone gold to coordinate with your other jewelry. Double crosses, carved crosses, and scrolled styles ensure that whatever kind of sideways cross necklace you're looking for, you'll find one that speaks to your faith as well as your sense of fashion.


Frequently Asked Question

The interest in sideways cross necklaces has given rise to questions about their meaning. For some people, wearing a horizontal cross necklace is symbolic of their beliefs, while for others, it is just a fashion accessory.

  • What Does a Sideways Cross Necklace Mean?
  • The meaning of a sideways cross necklace depends on who you talk to. For many, wearing a sideways cross indicates they are Christians. Beyond that, the cross's orientation doesn't matter, so a side cross necklace means the same thing for them as wearing a cross pendant. Some Christians ascribe additional meaning to the sideways cross. They believe it represents Jesus’ completed act of salvation – interpreted as him having “laid down the cross.”


  • Is a Sideways Cross Necklace Disrespectful?
  • Most people agree that wearing a cross necklace these days can be a fashion statement rather than a religious one, but many people wear it as a sign of their faith. Sideways cross necklaces are sometimes scrutinized because people fear it is disrespectful to display the cross lying on its side rather than upright. Fortunately, this isn't the case; many highly religious individuals wear a sideways cross necklace proudly.


  • Can I Get a Sideways Cross with Diamonds?
  • Absolutely! You’ll find horizontal cross necklaces set with diamonds in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and sterling silver. Some highlight a single diamond set in the center of the cross, where the two arms intersect. Others may have four diamonds – one at the end of each crossbar. Still others are encrusted with diamonds along the length of both arms of the cross, completely covering it in refracted light.


  • Where Can I Get a Sideways Diamond Cross Necklace in Gold?
  • SuperJeweler carries a selection of diamond cross necklaces in gold in different lengths, all set with high-quality diamonds to ensure lasting beauty. The most popular are yellow gold side cross necklaces set with single, center diamonds, but you’ll also find several other options such as rose gold, diamond cross necklaces, all backed by our satisfaction guarantee.


  • Where Can I Get a Sideways Diamond Cross Necklace in White Gold?
  • You're in luck – SuperJeweler has gorgeous sideways diamond cross necklaces! Most people looking for a sideways cross necklace set with diamonds all along the arms of the cross prefer white gold. This lets the diamonds themselves sparkle and imparts an additional whiteness to the stones. If you want more contrast, look at diamonds set in rose gold or yellow gold horizontal cross necklaces.


  • Where Can I Buy a Sideways Cross Necklace?
  • You can buy a sideways cross necklace at almost any jewelry store but choose wisely. Look for fine quality diamonds and precious metals such as 14K and 18K gold or sterling silver. You may find gold-plated base metal pieces that are inexpensive, but they won't wear well and can easily break. Shop for horizontal cross jewelry from respected retailers who will back your purchase with a warranty and satisfaction guarantee. SuperJeweler carries a complete line of sideways cross necklaces of impeccable style made from the finest materials that will stand up to daily wear beautifully.


  • The Sideways Cross Necklace: What Does it Mean?
  • The horizontal cross means whatever you want it to mean. For some, it is primarily a fashionable statement; they appreciate the symmetry and clean lines of the cross. For Christians, the cross can mean salvation, Jesus’ sacrifice, or even the weight of carrying the cross for their faith. It has also been said that a sideways cross represents the divide between earthly existence and heavenly existence. The interpretations are endless, and as long as you're wearing it with respect, a sideways cross necklace is an accessory you can be proud to own.